Who Should We Trust?

Who Should We Trust?
As banks collapse and interest rates drop, how do we know who to trust?
Dr Tim Behrens of the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University has been carrying out a study, published in this week’s Nature, looking at how we decide to trust other peoples’ advice.

Galaxy Zoo
The rate at which robotic telescopes are photographing distant galaxies has left researchers with millions of unanalysed images. Hence the decision to ask the public to log on to the Galaxy Zoo website and help out. This week they launched the second phase of their quest.

First Pictures of Exoplants
An international team has just released the first ever optical images of a group of exoplanets: planets that orbit not our own Sun, but another and more distant star.

Sticky Tape X-Rays
A recent surprising discovery is that ordinary, everyday sticky tape can emit X-rays. Jon Stewart reports.

Saving the World’s Rarest Wolves
The Ethiopian Wolf is under threat of extinction. Only about 500 remain, mostly living in the Bale Mountains of Southern Ethiopia - and they’re facing an outbreak of rabies. The remedy currently being tried relies on vaccination as Dr Claudio Sillero of Oxford University explains to Geoff.

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