US Elections and the Media - Tribute to Studs Terkel

The printed press is often criticised for amongst others muck-raking, for its obsession with short term events, for relishing conflict and being cynical about politicians… The US Presidential Election saw new media play a significant role, in the shape of Facebook, YouTube as well as candidates own websites and online funding initiatives.

Laurie Taylor is joined by Professor Michael Schudson, author of a new book entitled Why Democracies Need an Unlovable Press, and Rachel Gibson, Professor of Political Science at the University of Manchester to consider if the printed press deserves to be castigated for being anti-democratic and debate whether it could be in decline.

Studs Terkel died last week, Laurie Taylor remembers when he last met him. In 2002, Laurie travelled to Chicago to find out what had happened to the sociological tradition in town. He joined young Chicago sociologist, Peter St Jean, for a visit to Bronzeville, the city’s south side and by far Chicago’s highest violent crime district. Soon after, Laurie met up with Studs Terkel to hear a story about the renowned Blues singer, Big Bill Broonzy.

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