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Letter from America by Alistair Cooke Episode guide

  1. Prescription for a Pessimist

    After a break from the news, Alistair Cooke reflects on how knowledge affects the psyche.

    First broadcast: 08 Jun 2001

  2. Life's a Gamble!

    Alistair Cooke reflects on the political centrism occuring in both the US and the UK.

    First broadcast: 01 Jun 2001

  3. The City that Waits

    Alistair Cooke examines how power supply issues in San Francisco now eclipse earthquakes.

    First broadcast: 25 May 2001

  4. California Dreaming

    Alistair Cooke considers arguments surrounding the power failure crisis in California.

    First broadcast: 18 May 2001

  5. A Universal Shout

    Alistair Cooke considers the anti-American sentiments being shouted from around the globe.

    First broadcast: 11 May 2001

  6. The Supreme Court

    Alistair Cooke reflects on the Supreme Court and the way in which it makes its decisions.

    First broadcast: 04 May 2001

  7. The Media Just Love Anniversaries - However Grim

    On the anniversary of the Columbine massacre, Alistair Cooke examines the media reporting.

    First broadcast: 27 Apr 2001

  8. Trilbies are Fashionable Again!

    With a new trilby at the ready, Alistair Cooke considers the problem of CO2 emissions.

    First broadcast: 20 Apr 2001

  9. Déjà Vu All Over Again

    Alistair Cooke reflects on the crash landing of an American spy plane on a Chinese island.

    First broadcast: 13 Apr 2001

  10. A Hero's Welcome: John McCain is Back!

    Alistair Cooke considers Senator John McCain's campaign funding reform bill.

    First broadcast: 06 Apr 2001

  11. The Entire Civilised World is Shocked Beyond Civilised Expression

    Alistair Cooke reflects on President Bush's decision not to support the Kyoto Treaty.

    First broadcast: 30 Mar 2001

  12. Bush Leads from the Right

    Alistair Cooke considers the first two months of George W. Bush in the White House.

    First broadcast: 23 Mar 2001

  13. Sounding the Alarm to Farmers

    Alistair Cooke reflects on the foot and mouth epidemic affecting Britain.

    First broadcast: 16 Mar 2001

  14. The Vice Presidency and a Precaution Against Death

    Alistair Cooke considers the role of vice-presidents through history.

    First broadcast: 09 Mar 2001

  15. A Villain of American History

    Alistair Cooke is shocked by the results of a recent poll to name the greatest presidents.

    First broadcast: 02 Mar 2001

  16. The Scandal of Pardons and White House Furniture

    Clinton's White House departure inspires Alistair Cooke to explore past presidents' exits.

    First broadcast: 23 Feb 2001

  17. From Shirtsleeves to Shirt Sleeves in Three Generations

    Alistair Cooke reflects on the rise and fall of wealth through three generations.

    First broadcast: 16 Feb 2001

  18. Famous and Good Intermediate Clowns

    Alistair Cooke considers George W Bush's push to decentralise government.

    First broadcast: 09 Feb 2001

  19. How am I doing?

    Working 9 to 5? Alistair Cooke investigates the quirky work habits of past US presidents.

    First broadcast: 02 Feb 2001

  20. A Precautionary Bit of Advice

    Alistair Cooke compares the colourful characters of past US presidents.

    First broadcast: 26 Jan 2001

  21. Grandiose Inaugurations we Have Known

    After George Bush’s inauguration, Alistair Cooke recalls Andrew Jackson’s rowdy induction.

    First broadcast: 19 Jan 2001

  22. First and Foremost Bureaucrats

    Reports of pollution in the North Sea remind Alistair Cooke of a childhood fishing trip.

    First broadcast: 12 Jan 2001

  23. The Magic of the Internet?

    Alistair Cooke debates whether the internet is the miracle cure for the US economy.

    First broadcast: 05 Jan 2001

  24. America is Back to Normal

    After the presidential election excitement, Alistair Cooke ponders the secrets to old age.

    First broadcast: 29 Dec 2000

  25. How Wrong We've Been, from Madison to Roosevelt

    Alistair Cooke discusses the confirmation of the new president, George Bush.

    First broadcast: 22 Dec 2000

  26. An Embarrassing Relic of Authoritarianism

    Alistair Cooke contemplates the pros and cons of democracy.

    First broadcast: 15 Dec 2000

  27. Bedazzled and Bewildered

    Alistair Cooke asks whether voting result doubts are paralysing America's government.

    First broadcast: 08 Dec 2000

  28. It's a Nine Ring Circus and You'll Never be Bored

    Alistair Cooke compares the voting irregularities of 1876 to the current electoral crisis.

    First broadcast: 01 Dec 2000

  29. The Origin of the Continental Blow Out

    After feasting on turkey and yams, Alistair Cooke delves into the origins of Thanksgiving.

    First broadcast: 24 Nov 2000

  30. The Florida re-count, 2000

    The various legal issues underlying the failure to elect a new President.

    First broadcast: 17 Nov 2000

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