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Letter from America by Alistair Cooke Episode guide

  1. The 1970s

    1970s USA rediscovered through lost recordings of Alistair Cooke's Letter From America.

    First broadcast: 30 Mar 2014

  2. America's problem with gun ownership

    The debate on gun control in the US, as examined by Alistair Cooke in 1993.

    First broadcast: 23 Dec 2012

  3. The atom bomb warning of 1939

    How two refugees warned Roosevelt of the German nuclear threat.

    First broadcast: 19 Nov 2008

  4. Rudolph Valentino

    The life of Rudolph Valentino (1895-1926).

    First broadcast: 05 Dec 2007

  5. Atlanta and Augusta

    A history of the Augusta National Golf Club from its formation in 1777.

    First broadcast: 04 Dec 2007

  6. Kennedy's rocking chair

    The secret ailments of President John F Kennedy.

    First broadcast: 03 Dec 2007

  7. How ice cream changed America

    A profile of Reuben Mattus (1912-1994), the co-founder of Haagen-Dazs.

    First broadcast: 30 Nov 2007

  8. Groucho Marx and Bing Crosby

    Profiles of entertainers Groucho Marx (1898-1977) and Bing Crosby (1903-1977).

    First broadcast: 29 Nov 2007

  9. The Messiah at Christmas

    In the wake of 9/11, Alistair Cooke remembers introducing Bernstein to Handel's Messiah.

    First broadcast: 28 Nov 2007

  10. Alistair Cooke's Last Letter

    In his last letter, Alistair Cooke examines Iraq’s influence on the Presidential Election.

    First broadcast: 20 Feb 2004

  11. How WWI turned slimming into a fashion

    How slimming became fashionable during the food shortages of the First World War.

    First broadcast: 13 Feb 2004

  12. Encounters with Intelligence

    Alistair Cooke remembers the time he was mistaken for a spy during World War II.

    First broadcast: 06 Feb 2004

  13. Was Saddam a Threat or Not?

    Alistair Cooke discusses the resignation of the US chief weapons inspector, Dr David Kay.

    First broadcast: 30 Jan 2004

  14. The Day of the GP is Over

    Alistair Cooke remembers when doctors used to make house calls.

    First broadcast: 23 Jan 2004

  15. Temperatures Drop

    Alistair Cooke remembers a Palm Beach winter, as Arctic weather hits the northern states.

    First broadcast: 16 Jan 2004

  16. Not Worth Talking About

    Alistair Cooke refuses to exhaust himself describing all the presidential candidates.

    First broadcast: 09 Jan 2004

  17. The Problem with Sport

    Alistair Cooke wonders what makes people favour athletic prowess over academic skill.

    First broadcast: 02 Jan 2004

  18. Pork Barrel Politics

    Alistair Cooke examines how congressmen secure re-appointments during an election year.

    First broadcast: 26 Dec 2003

  19. Birth of a Christmas Fairy Tale

    Charles Dickens’ Scrooge reminds Alistair Cooke of the uniting force of Christmas.

    First broadcast: 19 Dec 2003

  20. Looking for an Anniversary

    An anniversary gets Alistair Cooke out from a sticky broadcasting situation.

    First broadcast: 12 Dec 2003

  21. Why the War Couldn't Wait

    Alistair Cooke examines why it is so difficult to establish democracy in Iraq.

    First broadcast: 05 Dec 2003

  22. Healthy Eating

    In light of new concerns about healthy eating, Alistair Cooke reflects on Thanksgiving.

    First broadcast: 28 Nov 2003

  23. Chinese Textile Tariffs

    Alistair Cooke compares Chinese import tax with the great depression Smoot-Hawley Tariff.

    First broadcast: 21 Nov 2003

  24. The Appetite for War

    Alistair Cooke examines how casualty numbers influences the public's appetite for war.

    First broadcast: 14 Nov 2003

  25. Social Lion and Remarkable Architect

    Alistair Cooke celebrates the architectural achievements of Stanford White.

    First broadcast: 07 Nov 2003

  26. Towering Glass and Steel

    Forty years on, Alistair Cooke examines the effect of destroying the Pennsylvania Station.

    First broadcast: 31 Oct 2003

  27. The Pledge of Allegiance

    Alistair Cooke examines the Pledge of Allegiance and its role in a secular society.

    First broadcast: 24 Oct 2003

  28. Separated by Language

    Alistair Cooke muses on curious linguistic differences between America and England.

    First broadcast: 17 Oct 2003

  29. The California Election

    Alistair Cooke contemplates Arnold Schwarzenegger's role as governor.

    First broadcast: 10 Oct 2003

  30. I am a Jelly Doughnut

    Alistair Cooke pays tribute to Robert Lochner and Alexander Butterfield.

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2003

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