Episode 2

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Duration: 1 hour

A nostalgic look at some of Gaelic TV's finest moments. Linking each theme to a letter from the Gaelic alphabet, a variable feast of clips from programmes over the past 4 decades will be shown, and commented on by some of Gaeldom's best known faces! Presented by Tony Kearney.

Suil air ais air cuid dhe phriomh phrograman telebhisean na Gaidhlig. Ceangailte ri litrichean na h-aibidil Gaidhlig, theid measgachadh sonraichte a shealltainn air cuspairean thairis air an da fhichead bliadhna a dh' fhalbh 's le beachdan bho cuid de chraoladairean ainmeil na Gaidhealtachd. Air aithris le Tony Kearney.


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