Bleak House Episode guide

  1. Episode 5

    5/5 The chase is on for the murderer of Tulkinghorn.

    First broadcast: 05 Oct 2007

    Image for Episode 5 Not currently available
  2. Episode 4

    4/5 Richard, obsessed with his inheritance suit, is on a dangerous path to self-destruction.

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2007

    Image for Episode 4 Not currently available
  3. Episode 3

    3/5 Lovelorn legal clerk William Guppy gets himself involved in a spontaneous combustion.

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2007

    Image for Episode 3 Not currently available
  4. Episode 2

    2/5 Strange things start to happen when a law writer is found dead in his seedy lodgings.

    First broadcast: 02 Oct 2007

    Image for Episode 2 Not currently available
  5. Episode 1

    1/5 Dickens' masterpiece is a courtroom saga, a romance, a whodunnit and a dark thriller.

    First broadcast: 01 Oct 2007

    Image for Episode 1 Not currently available

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