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Series 2

Mark Watson turns his wit to the subject of virtue, with stand-up comedy, sketches and songs

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6/6 Mark Watson turns his wit to the subject of virtue, with stand-up comedy on humility.

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  • Mark Watson Makes The World Substantially Better

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    He freed the world from the Seven Deadly Sins in his first series and now that’s sorted he's turned his attention to the Virtues. But how virtuous is the comedian Mark Watson?

  • Mark Watson's 'Been through Hell'

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    Mark Watson turns his attention to modern interpretations of Hell. How bad does it really get?

  • What are the 'six virtues'?

    Surely you are familiar with the famous six virtues? If not, here’s a handy guide to the series.

    Courage – Boo! Did that frighten you? If you’re a cowardly lion, Mark will teach you how to be courageous.

    Patience – Yes, it's the second show in the series, just to keep you waiting. Don't grumble, Mark will be along to entertain you soon.

    Generosity - Are you selfish and miserly? Mark will teach you how to fill your heart with kindness. Isn't that nice of him?

    Honesty – Do you think that honesty is the best policy, or are you a fibber? Mark will fight a centaur and teach you how to fly.

    Diligence – Pay great attention to this show, it could change your life. Mark will know if you're not listening properly, so you'd better shape up.

    Humility – Are you the greatest person in the entire world? If you are, then learn to stop showing off, as Mark teaches you a more humble way of life.

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