Physics in Crisis?

Geoff Watts looks at the top science stories of the week, with Jonathan Amos, assistant editor of science and nature for

Physics in Crisis?
Geoff Watts talks to particle physicist Professor Brian Cox, and astronomer Professor Andrew Fabian about the recent cuts to the funding of physics in the UK, and what this means for several high profile experiments that seek to further our knowledge of the universe.

The Scare Factor
Geoff visits the London Dungeon to be scared witless, but also to test his power of observation and his reliability as a possible eye-witness. Professor Tim Valentine, a psychologist at Goldsmiths College, University of London, has used the popular exhibit to show the fragility of eyewitness identification. The study has shown that stress and fear reduce the likelihood of successful identification, as Geoff discovers for himself.

Detecting Explosives
Jon Stewart reports from the University of California, on a new technique to identify tiny traces of explosive, using a spray-on film that glows blue under ultraviolet light.

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