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King Arthur

Retelling of the Arthurian legend starring Clive Owen and Keira Knightley, set in the dark days after the Romans left Britain.

Artorious Castus and his band of Sarmatian cavalry are about to be discharged from the Roman army, but have one final task to perform - they must rescue a Roman priest and his family before the land is overrun by Saxons.

But there is another danger lurking on the road to freedom - the Woads, British rebels who hate the Romans, but who are also threatened by the Saxons.

Release date:

1 hour, 55 minutes

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Boxing Day 2013 22:15

Who was King Arthur?

"It is possible that the legendary Arthur is based on a historical figure, a Romano-Britain who fought the invading Anglo-Saxons in the fifth or sixth century."

Read about the mythical king's historic origins at BBC History


"In the earliest mentions of Arthur in Welsh texts, he is never given the title of king. Medieval Welsh texts frequently referred to him as... emperor or war leader."

BBC Wales History explores the connections between Wales and Arthur


"Blessed with good looks and outstanding fighting ability, Arthur is determined to be the best king he can as the future of Camelot rests on his shoulders."

Watch a clip of Arthur portayed in the BBC One family drama Merlin


Role Contributor
ArthurClive Owen
GuinevereKeira Knightley
LancelotIoan Gruffudd
TristanMads Mikkelsen
MerlinStephen Dillane
BorsRay Winstone
DagonetRay Stevenson
GalahadHugh Dancy
CerdicStellan Skarsgard
CynricTil Schweiger
JolsSean Gilder
GawainJoel Edgerton
DirectorAntoine Fuqua
ProducerJerry Bruckheimer
Bishop GermaniusIvano Marescotti
ProducerNed Dowd
Marius HonoriusKen Stott
WriterDavid Franzoni
GanisCharlie Creed-Miles
Lancelot's FatherClive Russell
WriterJohn Lee Hancock
ComposerHans Zimmer

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