Tissue Engineering - Swarm Intelligence

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Tissue Engineering
Scientists are turning to chemistry and engineering to develop a range of artificial skin and bone which can be used to improve the treatment of burns and bone diseases. Tissues are being grown by using complex man made 'scaffolds' to support them – not unlike scaffolding on a house - these scaffolds are not made from steel but of bio-ceramics and plastic polymers. Quentin Cooper is joined by Professor Shelia MacNeil, University of Sheffield and Dr. Molly Stevens, Imperial College, University of London.

Swarm Intelligence
Scientists are still trying to find out how such highly complex insect societies like termite mounds and bee hives are organised. This is the emerging science or Swarm Intelligence. Insect cities are coordinated when there is no ’insect mayor’, no ‘brain insect’, controlling behaviour. How does this happen? Quentin Cooper is joined by Professor Nigel Franks, University of Bristol and Professor Alan Winfield, University of the West of England to find out.

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