Smart Holograms - Batteries of the Future

Smart Holograms
Imagine a contact lens that could colour depending on the health of the wearer. If you’re dehydrated or even as an early warning signal for diabetes. In this week’s Material World, Sue Nelson investigates a new generation of smart holograms which could do just that. Sue is joined by Professor Chris Lowe, Director Institute of Biotechnology, University of Cambridge and John Pritchard, Chief technical officer, Smart Holograms.

Batteries of the Future
Also in the programme – the future of energy storage. The world of mobile technologies and hybrid cars are dependent on battery power – but the technology has yet to catch up with the high power demands of the future. How can scientists develop batteries that can power cars and microchips while being environmentally sustainable? Sue finds out about batteries that breathe oxygen like you and me, so they can be lighter, cleaner and more powerful than ever before. Sue is joined by Professor Peter Bruce, School of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews and Mike Kellaway, Provector Limited.

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Thu 13 Mar 2008 16:30

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