Gaining Management Support

If you’re going to set up a choir where you work the first step is to gain support from someone in charge.

Depending on the type of company that you work for, that might be the owner, a company director, a manager or an HR contact.

As The Choir: Sing While You Work shows, singing can bring workers together, break down barriers, encourage better teamwork and build confidence and self-esteem in a workforce. Singing is good for physical, emotional and social wellbeing. Discuss the benefits listed below with your manager, describing how singing in a choir can benefit both the business and the employees.

Benefits for the staff:

  • Stress relief, relaxation and improved well-being
  • Positive attitude to work and something to look forward to
  • Sense of fun and enjoyment
  • Increased personal confidence
  • Improved communication skills
  • Promotes sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour
  • Understanding the rewards of hard work
  • A creative outlet to balance work and personal time

Benefits for the business:

  • Feeling part of a team
  • Encourages cooperation and builds trust among employees
  • Increased employee fulfilment
  • Meeting new colleagues in a different environment
  • Strong return on a small investment
  • Greater employee retention
  • Better teamwork as a result of collective singing
  • Can contribute towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Opportunity to reward staff

(Source: Music In Offices)

Find a Space to Rehearse Find a Space to Rehearse

Try to find a rehearsal venue that you can use on a regular basis.

Setting Up a Workplace Choir Setting Up a Workplace Choir

Videos and downloadable resources packed with hints and tips to get you started.

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