Cosmic String - Antarctic Volcanoes

Cosmic String
Could the Universe be tied up with cosmic string? In this week’s Material World, Quentin Cooper talks to the two scientists who think they have found evidence it might be. Cosmic strings are strange remnants from the very early universe. So what is cosmic string, where would you find it and why does evidence for its existence shed light on theories of how the Universe formed? Quentin is joined by Mark Hindmarsh, Reader in Physics and Martin Kunz, Lecturer in Theoretical Cosmology, both from the University of Sussex.

Antarctic Volcanoes
You don’t really expect to find volcanoes under the polar ice caps, but this is exactly what scientists at the British Antarctic Survey say they have found. Could evidence discovered using new radar techniques be proof of the biggest volcanic eruption in the Antarctic in the last 10,000 years? Quentin is joined by David Vaughan, Glaciologist & Principle Investigator and Hugh Corr, Glacier Geophysicist - both part of the British Antarctic Survey team.

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