Joanna Trollope, Psychoanalysis and Fiction, and Irmgard Keun

Joanna Trollope
Mariella meets the novelist Joanna Trollope. Best known for a series of gently humorous romantic novels set in the outwardly idyllic surroundings of cathedral cities, Trollope’s recent books reflect her own move to city life. She talks about how her new novel reflects her interest in the nature of female friendship, and explains why at sixty-something she felt the need to learn about clubbing and house music.

Psychoanalysis and Fiction
Mariella talks to two novelists who share a professional interest in the unconscious mind. The clinical psychologist Frank Tallis, the creator of the psychoanalytic detective Max Liebermann, explains why Freud and forensics go so well together, and Carol Topolski talks about how her fiction debut Monster Love was influenced by her own work as a psychotherapist.

Irmgard Keun
The novelist Irmgard Keun was an overnight sensation in 1930s Germany, and her tales of assertive young women have been described as early forerunners of Bridget Jones. But she fell into obscurity after the 1940s and is barely known in the English-speaking world. As her novel Child of All Nations, a touching fable about a penniless writer and his family, appears in English for the first time, Mariella talks to the German literature expert Karen Leeder about Keun's life and work.

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