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Ill-informed Susan and Joe gossip about the plans for the biodigester, managing to whip each other up into a panicked frenzy.

Kenton comes to fetch Kathy from a cold Lower Loxley, just as Nigel is asking her to help him research new boilers. Nigel decides to join Kenton at the slimming club. Kenton worries that Kathy won't be okay on her own at April Cottage, so he convinces her in come too - in a supportive capacity.

Eddie complains to Joe about the short rations that they'll soon be forced to endure at Keeper's Cottage. Joe points out that it's going to be difficult to win Clarrie over without losing weight for real - prompting Eddie to hastily start thinking of a plan.

At the slimming club, Eddie is relieved to have a male comrade in Nigel. Susan is also in attendance - but everyone is shocked to see an already skinny Sabrina Thwaite turn up. Clarrie welcomes the group, and there is some general chat about diets, before the dreaded weigh-in. As expected, most people are unhappy with the results, but Eddie is much heavier than even Clarrie expected him to be - prompting him to 'thank' her for making him come to the club...

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15 minutes

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Thu 7 Feb 2008 14:00

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