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Taylor's solicitor interviews Elizabeth and wastes no time in pressing her on some of her comments in her original statement. The interrogation seems endless as Elizabeth tries desperately not to favour Taylor's case. To her dismay, the solicitor tells Elizabeth she's been very helpful, so it's more than likely she'll be called as a defence witness. Elizabeth's distraught and tells Nigel that everyone will think she's on the side of a rapist.

A field of wheat is worth more to Matt than a field of skylarks and he shows no sympathy to Pip's cause. Lilian gets just as frustrated with Matt over the dinner arrangements she hears him planning. Even though he explains it's purely business, Lilian insists he'll have to cancel as she's already preparing a special meal for tonight. And besides, surely Stephen Chalkman needs to be involved in discussing a potential new board member? Under Lilian's watchful eye, Matt rearranges for Friday lunch when both Gerry and Chalkman are available.

On hearing that Pip has phoned Matt, Lilian tells him to go easy on her, and then casually drops out that her lamb dish is a bit complicated for a Tuesday - they'll be having omelette instead!

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Wed 9 Jan 2008 14:00

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