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Ed and Fallon discuss the Grundys' forthcoming Christmas Fair - Clarrie's busy baking mince pies and Ed's planning to go door-to-door leafleting and selling mistletoe and holly. Ed's impressed when Fallon says she can get hold of a PA for the fair so that they can have some music there. Later Clarrie's chuffed when Fallon turns up unexpectedly to do a shift in 'the pie factory'.

There's slight tension at the Stables as Alistair's father settles in - especially when Alistair feels that Jim is criticising Shula. Shula tries to keep her cool during Sunday lunch when Jim mischievously tries to undermine her and side with Daniel. Later, as they're about to set off for a refreshing afternoon stroll, Jim manages to persuade Daniel to stay behind to play computer games with him. Shula manages to restrain herself but on the walk with Alistair she tells him she can't stand this for another two months. They both agree that they can't let this continue.

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Mon 3 Dec 2007 14:00

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