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  1. 25/10/2014

    The programme that starts with its listeners.

    First broadcast: 25 Oct 2014

    Image for 25/10/2014 This episode will be available soon
  2. 18/10/2014

    'We don't pay ransoms. Do not take Brits or we will come and get you.'.

    First broadcast: 18 Oct 2014

  3. 11/10/2014

    The programme that starts with its listeners.

    First broadcast: 11 Oct 2014

  4. 04/10/2014

    'I simply voted No': A listener tells iPM why his was a vote for the status quo.

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2014

  5. 27/09/2014

    'Work hard, party harder' - Is this the future of university life?

    First broadcast: 27 Sep 2014

  6. 20/09/2014

    iPM speaks to a listener and his colleague about the Scottish referendum.

    First broadcast: 20 Sep 2014

  7. 13/09/2014

    'Who are you and who do you want to be?'.

    First broadcast: 13 Sep 2014

  8. 06/09/2014

    'I could never look at that car park without a cold horrible feeling.'.

    First broadcast: 06 Sep 2014

  9. 30/08/2014

    'We started thinking, are we going to be allowed to die in our house?'.

    First broadcast: 30 Aug 2014

  10. 23/08/2014

    iPM speaks to a listener who can tell us what it is like to test positive for ebola.

    First broadcast: 23 Aug 2014

  11. 16/08/2014

    'Are you straining tired eyes towards the future and saying, what next?'.

    First broadcast: 16 Aug 2014

  12. 09/08/2014

    'We keep referring to them as children, but they're not'.

    First broadcast: 09 Aug 2014

  13. 02/08/2014

    The programme that starts with its listeners.

    First broadcast: 02 Aug 2014

  14. 26/07/2014

    'I check under my car every day.' Life as a Catholic police officer in Northern Ireland.

    First broadcast: 26 Jul 2014

  15. 19/07/2014

    The programme that starts with its listeners.

    First broadcast: 19 Jul 2014

  16. 12/07/2014

    Excitement, comradeship and religious extremism - why young men travel abroad for Jihad.

    First broadcast: 12 Jul 2014

  17. 05/07/2014

    'In this hour, surely for once, the name of Robert Southey should be mentioned.'.

    First broadcast: 05 Jul 2014

  18. 28/06/2014

    'The eyes of the world are on Nigeria, and yet they have the boldness to attack again'.

    First broadcast: 28 Jun 2014

  19. 21/06/2014

    'They're going to have to wait for us to die before they have any money'.

    First broadcast: 21 Jun 2014

  20. 14/06/2014

    'We've created an aspirational, desirable, anti-diarrhoea kit.'.

    First broadcast: 14 Jun 2014

  21. 07/06/2014

    'You basically had carte-blanche to do whatever you wanted.'.

    First broadcast: 07 Jun 2014

  22. 31/05/2014

    'The viewer will look at those bodies like another beggar he passes by on the street'.

    First broadcast: 31 May 2014

  23. 24/05/2014

    Listener Janice Kennedy tells her story about discovering a WW1 time capsule.

    First broadcast: 24 May 2014

  24. 17/05/2014

    The programme that starts with its listeners.

    First broadcast: 17 May 2014

  25. 10/05/2014

    'When patients have this level of illness, they often have absolutely no memory of it.'.

    First broadcast: 10 May 2014

  26. 03/05/2014

    'The gunmen came and snatched her.'.

    First broadcast: 03 May 2014

  27. 26/04/2014

    'He says I'm a liar and it's all made up. I'm going to have to prove that it isn't.'.

    First broadcast: 26 Apr 2014

  28. 19/04/2014

    An iPM listener and her son discuss his drug abuse and what it's like to live with a guru.

    First broadcast: 19 Apr 2014

  29. 12/04/2014

    'At the moment, we live as a family under siege.'.

    First broadcast: 12 Apr 2014

  30. 05/04/2014

    Can you remember the first time when someone, anyone, said to you 'I love you'?

    First broadcast: 05 Apr 2014

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