Obesity Gene and Ear Protectors

Obesity Gene
Scientists have gained new understandings of the gene which triggers weight gain in some people. Geoff speaks to Chris Schofield and Stephen O’Rahilly about their research which could help find ways of tackling obesity and related illnesses.

Ear Protectors
Why can you shout without making yourself go deaf? Now biologists are experimenting on crickets to find out. Molly Bentley reports from the Society for Neuroscience Conference.

Volcano Rising
The “supervolcano” in Yellowstone’s National Park is rising faster than ever before. Robert Smith at the University of Utah has been tracking the ground to keep an eye on the movement of the magma.

A Cracking Idea?
Are artists stealing the limelight from engineers? Mark Miodownik of King’s College London, visits the 167m crack at the Tate Modern to call engineers to arms.

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