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Fallon asks Ed what he's doing for his birthday. Jolene can see what's happening and tells Fallon that she knows she's got the hots for Ed. Fallon admits that she's totally in love but she knows Ed doesn't feel the same way. Her present is way over the top and Ed's going to know it's too much from just a mate. Jolene encourages her to tell Ed how she feels. He might feel the same about her, so she should give him his present. She might be surprised at what happens.

Elizabeth doesn't notice the state Kathy's in - she's more concerned that Hayley's still suffering from a bug. Kathy asks Nigel if he's heard from the police again. Nigel doesn't think they will - Owen was so harmless it must be a mistake.
Kathy tells Kenton it's like a nightmare. Kenton tells her they'll see this through and put it all behind them but Kathy knows she can't do that. Another girl's been raped and it's Kathy's responsibility to make sure Owen doesn't get away with it. She's got to tell the police the truth but she's worried about what they'll think after all this time. She just doesn't know how she can tell them.

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