Post Mortem

One of the most distinctive features of Silent Witness is its focus on the post mortem process. The pathologists spend much of their time in the Lyell Centre's laboratory, so a huge amount of effort is spent ensuring this aspect of the series is as intriguing and authentic as possible. Click on the clips below to hear more about the post mortems - not for the squeamish.

The Actors


  • Creating the Silicone HeadCreating the Silicone Head

    Prosthetics Supervisor Pauline Fowler talks exclusively about the challenges of making the silicone heads for the bodies of the deceased.

  • The Making of the BrainThe Making of the Brain

    Prosthetics Supervisor Pauline Fowler describes the process of creating life-like brains for the actors to examine in the cutting room.

  • HD TV and Silicone BodiesHD TV and Silicone Bodies

    Prosthetics Supervisor Pauline Fowler talks about the making of the incredibly life-like bodies for the show, and the new challenges faced thanks to high-definition television.

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