Silent Witness

Silent Witness

Drama series about a team of forensic pathologists.


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Silent Witness music

Silent Witness features music from a number of artists in some episodes. The tracklist can be found on theĀ Episode Page. The title music for Silent Witness was composed by John Harle. The incidental music in the series is composed by Sheridan Tongue.

Exclusive interview: Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox

Emilia discusses her ambitions and playing Nikki Alexander.

Video interview: Richard Lintern

Richard Lintern

Richard Lintern talks about his character Thomas Chamberlain.

Video interview: David Caves

David Caves

David Caves describes his instinctive character Jack Hodgson.

Video interview: Liz Carr

Liz Carr introduces her new character

Liz describes her super-efficient character Clarissa Mullery.