Joseph Conrad, Nicholas Shakespeare, and Scottish Crime Post-Rebus

Joseph Conrad
South African novelist Christopher Hope joins Mariella to celebrate the work of Joseph Conrad, whose classic novels include Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim, who was born 150 years ago.

Nicholas Shakespeare
Nicholas Shakespeare's latest novel, Secrets of the Sea, is the portrait of a marriage. Alex and Merridy live in a claustrophobic small town in Tasmania where their lives are haunted by past bereavements, and by the absence of a child.

Scottish crime post-Rebus
Tony Black discusses the new kids on Scotland's fictional detective block who might fill the shoes of Inspector Rebus, as he faces retirement in Ian Rankin's twentieth Rebus novel, due out in September.

Biographers working with the family
Biographers Peter Stanford, Jane Ridley and Adam Sisman discuss the benefits - and disadvantages - of having the co-operation of the subject's family when writing a biography.

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