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Afternoon Reading Episode guide

  1. What I Learned from the Metaphysical Poets

    Short stories inspired by the poetry of John Donne, George Herbert and Andrew Marvell

    Image for What I Learned from the Metaphysical Poets
  2. Countryman's Cooking

    Leslie Phillips reads from WMW Fowler's definitive cookery manual for men

    Image for Countryman's Cooking
  3. The Reading Group Stories

    Stories commissioned by readers' groups, recorded at the Birmingham Book Festival

    Image for The Reading Group Stories
  4. Pier Shorts

    Stories by new writers inspired by Brighton's Palace Pier

    Image for Pier Shorts
  5. Love in the Afternoon

    Series of love stories by bestselling romantic novelists

    Image for Love in the Afternoon
  6. Liverpool Locations

    Stories by writers with a Liverpool connection, inspired by the city's famous places

    Image for Liverpool Locations
  7. Stories from the Bath Literature Festival

    Readings from the prestigious West Country event

    Image for Stories from the Bath Literature Festival
  8. Creative Writing Groups 2008

    Readings highlighting the best work from Creative Writing Groups in the North of England

    Image for Creative Writing Groups 2008
  9. Cupid Strikes

    Stories exploring the reality behind St Valentine's Day

    Image for Cupid Strikes
  10. Scene of the Crime

    Stories by leading crime writers

    Image for Scene of the Crime
  11. Dilemmas of Modern Martyrs

    Stories by Morven Crumlish

    Image for Dilemmas of Modern Martyrs
  12. Portraits of East Anglia

    Stories by local authors, inspired by paintings of the East Anglian landscape

    Image for Portraits of East Anglia
  13. Granta Stories

    Pieces from the archives of the UK's most prestigious literary magazine

    Image for Granta Stories
  14. Treasure Island

    John le Carre reads Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure story

    Image for Treasure Island
  15. Cribbins at Christmas

    Four readings by Bernard Cribbins

    Image for Cribbins at Christmas
  16. Remember Me

    Holly Aird reads a specially commissioned psychological suspense thriller by Nicci French

    Image for Remember Me
  17. An Audience with Max Wall

    Tony Lidington plays the entertainer Max Wall in this series of shows

    Image for An Audience with Max Wall
  18. Blake's Doors of Perception

    Stories marking the 250th anniversary of William Blake's birth, each inspired by a quote

    Image for Blake's Doors of Perception
  19. Red Mountain, Yellow River

    Short stories by writers from the Chinese diaspora about life in modern China

    Image for Red Mountain, Yellow River
  20. Telling the World

    Series of stories from cultures and folklore around the world

    Image for Telling the World
  21. Ones to Watch (Volume 2)

    A talent showcase of unpublished work from new writers

    Image for Ones to Watch (Volume 2)
  22. The Big Chill

    Specially commissioned stories exploring the darker side of life

    Image for The Big Chill
  23. The Closed Door

    Series of stories by Dorothy Whipple

    Image for The Closed Door
  24. Alan Howard Reads

    The popular veteran actor reads a series of specially commissioned short stories

    Image for Alan Howard Reads
  25. Cheltenham Festival Readings

    Five readings from the Cheltenham Literature Festival

    Image for Cheltenham Festival Readings
  26. Sputnik

    Stories celebrating the Russian satellite which started the space race in 1957

    Image for Sputnik
  27. Walk the Blue Fields

    A selection of stories from Claire Keegan's collection

    Image for Walk the Blue Fields
  28. Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun

    Series of famous narrative poems

    Image for Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun
  29. The Uncommon Reader

    Alan Bennett reads from his book about a monarch with a passion for literature

    Image for The Uncommon Reader
  30. Cheating at Canasta

    William Trevor reads five stories from his new collection

    Image for Cheating at Canasta

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