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The 2014 Opening Lines Finalists

We have sifted thousands of submissions to come up with three writers new to radio whose short stories will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 this August. Huge congratulations to:

Claire Fuller – Baker, Emily and Me

Fiona Melrose – The Fox

Ian Green – Audiophile

Additionally, the following two writers will have their work published on our website:

G.A. Odenigbo – His Guitar Lay Waiting

Lottie Lynn – A Mother's Love

Thank you to everyone who has taken part. We hope you'll read our stories when they're online and listen with great anticipation to our three stories for broadcast in August.


Adam Richmond – The Last Trace

Alison Boyle – Acorns

Anne O'Brien – I Could Have Been Anything

Claire Fuller – Baker, Emily and Me

Chris Lloyd – The Man Who Painted Songs

Dan Powell – Dancing to the Shipping Forecast

Dee Gray – Waiting for Marnie

Fiona Melrose – The Fox

G.A. Odenigbo – His Guitar Lay Waiting

Hilary Park – Blencathra

Ian Green – Audiophile

Jim Vincent – Snow

Joe White – Fortune Teller

John May – Dancing on my Father's Footfronts

Kirstie Ali – The Funambulist's Daughter

Lottie Lynn – A Mother's Love

Maithreyi Nandakumar – The Innocent and the Book-Lender

Marion Urch – The Temptation of Kevin

Neil Hegarty - Mackerel Sky

Sheila Llewellyn – Soldier's Heart


Alan McCormick – Message to You

Alex Cary – The Shades

Alexandra Citron – After the Party

Alwyn Marriage – William Harvey's Visitor

Amanda Murphy – The Comb's Teeth

Angela Readman – Small Water

Anthony Jones – Static

Anthony Rothe – Greg Sampson's DOI

Cara Jessop – A Sea Change

Catherine Turnbull – Treading Water

Cheryl O'Brien – Life Study

Colin Watts – Glass Darkly

David Barry – The Poet in Soho

David Ford – There's Something I've Got to Tell You

David Stokes – Musings of the quantum cuttlefish

Ed Briggs – Light Sensitive

Emma Zetterstrom – Scissors paper stone

Eric McFarlane – Strange Country

Erica Rocca – Greetings from Carolyn

Fab Gorjian – The Unfamiliar

G.S. Craig – Shuttered Windows

Gail Honeyman – About the Major

Grace Chapman – The Kite Keeper

Graham Haynes – The Time Maiden

Helen Patuck – Woman Much Missed

Helena Durham – That's How It Starts

Holly Dawson – The Height of Trees

JA Sutherland – Adrian and Isaac

Jamie O'Connell – What Men Do When They're Alone

Jane Fox – How Lumpy Got His Name

Jane Turner Goldsmith – Boy, falling

Jennifer Thorp – Recipe For A Funeral Feast

Jenny Vernon – Dipping in the Direction of Heaven

Jo Roberts – Here Kitty Kitty

Judi Sutherland – A correctional facility

Julie MacLusky – Outback

Kate Coffey – The Insides of Animals

Katie Barradell-Smith – We Are Spring

Kevan Ogden – Blood-Lines

Lisa Jackson – Small Boats on Hard Earth

Lisa Smith – Love Thy Neighbour

Margaret Dolley – Where The Golden Apples Grow

Margaret Holbrook – Our Brian

Maria Fusco – Knowing the Answer is Worth Nothing

Matthew Howard – Gull

Megan Taylor – On the Island

Melanie Amri – Frozen

Michael Amherst – Erosion

Natalie Lloyd-Evans – The Last Beetle

Paul Bellamy – The Bougainvillea Fishes

Penny Ayres – How To Be A Good Poltergeist

Philip Arnold – One Man's Meat

Richard Blandford – The Man Who Drew the Brook

Rosia Beer – Home

Rowena Macdonald – Stars

Russell Reader – Mind The Gap

Ruth Brooks – The Plan

Sacha Kyle – Fish Bowl

Samantha Braham – No Words Needed

Sarah Corbett – The Winter King

Sheena Cook – A Stranger In My Summerhouse

Sherry Morris – Balloons

Simon Sylvester – Art is Long, Life is Short

Sophie Whitley Flavell – Northern Lights

Sue Crowder – Adored

Tanya Alexander – Touching

Tom Collins – non troppo

Trudy Duffy – Adagio in B Minor

Virginia Lowes – Riding Pillion

Wendy Clarke – I Saw You But You Didn't See Me

Wendy Clemson – Putting on a Show

Wendy Holborow – Ngozi

Yasmin Murgai – Out of the dust, light and Power

Submission guidelines

The BBC Radio Drama Readings Unit welcomes submissions from writers new to radio for their annual series, Opening Lines which is broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

We are currently not accepting unsolicited stories. We will be announcing the date of our next window for submissions in the autumn. So watch this space!


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