The UK's Wet Weather and Leonardo's Great Lady

Wet weather
Dr Peter Stott from the Met Office talks to Geoff Watts about a new study linking increased global rainfall to human activity. Could the UK's wet summer be down to global warming?

Working out how dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles lived is not easy. Now two scientists at the University of Sheffield and University of Portsmouth have used physics to show that pterosaurs, ancient flying reptiles, could not possibly have fed in the way that many palaeontologists had suggested.

Students uncover clues in mass grave
Jon Stewart reports from Dorset, where Bournemouth University forensic science students have been using forensic archaeology to uncover the clues in a huge reconstruction of a mass grave, very similar to those found in former Yugoslavia, following the conflicts.

Leonardo's Great Lady
With the help of cardiac surgeon Francis Wells, artist Marilène Oliver has created a 3D interpretation of one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings. The work has revealed that Leonardo's Great Lady is not quite all she seems.

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