Artificial Bacteria and Endangered Parrots

Synthetic Life
Craig Venter and his team announce they have made the first steps to creating an artificial bacteria, that could be used for producing biofuels, cleaning up toxic waste and many other applications.

Success in Science?
Peter Cotgreave, Director of the Campaign for Science and Engineering in the UK, puts forward his thoughts on what Gordon Brown's leadership might mean for science and research.

Endangered Parrots
Reporter Anna Lacey travels to the Island of Bonaire, in the Caribbean, with Sheffield University researchers working to protect the endangered Yellow-Shouldered Amazon parrot.

Pole to pole
Geoff visits the University of Maryland to talk to Dr Daniel Lathrop and discovers why and how the north pole may soon become the south.

The Cat's Whiskers
How did the humble moggy first become domesticated? Geoff Watts talks to Carlos Driscoll of Oxford University about how genetic analysis has revealed where and when the wild cat finally made friends with humans.

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