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  1. 02/06/2013

    William Crawley looks ahead to the forthcoming Belfast Book Festival.

    First broadcast: 02 Jun 2013

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  2. 26/05/2013

    William Crawley is joined in Belfast by the doyenne of travel writing, Dervla Murphy.

    First broadcast: 26 May 2013

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  3. 19/05/2013

    William Crawley presents a special edition from UK City of Culture. With Roy Hattersley.

    First broadcast: 19 May 2013

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  4. 12/05/2013

    William Crawley speaks to Audrey Niffenegger and looks at Simon Callow's bookshelves.

    First broadcast: 12 May 2013

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  5. 05/05/2013

    William Crawley reads Dr Adam Rutherford's 'Creation' & explores literary locale Inishowen

    First broadcast: 05 May 2013

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  6. 28/04/2013

    Poet Paul Muldoon talks about The Word on the Street, his book of rock and roll 'lyrics'.

    First broadcast: 28 Apr 2013

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  7. 21/04/2013

    William Crawley talks to Inspector Lynley author Elizabeth George.

    First broadcast: 21 Apr 2013

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  8. 14/04/2013

    William Crawley talks to Jeffrey Archer about his book 'Best Kept Secret'.

    First broadcast: 14 Apr 2013

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  9. 16/12/2012

    William Crawley talks to former Irish Times editor Walter Ellis about his new novel.

    First broadcast: 16 Dec 2012

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  10. 09/12/2012

    William Crawley talks to Edna O'Brien about how censorship in Ireland affected her career.

    First broadcast: 09 Dec 2012

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  11. 02/12/2012

    William Crawley and Dr Diarmaid Ferriter reflect on Lee Dunne's Paddy Maguire Is Dead.

    First broadcast: 02 Dec 2012

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  12. 25/11/2012

    William Crawley talks to Mitch Albom about The Time Keeper and his best-selling memoir.

    First broadcast: 25 Nov 2012

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  13. 18/11/2012

    William Crawley talks to one of Northern Ireland's most successful authors, David Park.

    First broadcast: 18 Nov 2012

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  14. 11/11/2012

    William Crawley talks to Jonathan Dimbleby about his new book on the Battle of El Alamein.

    First broadcast: 11 Nov 2012

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  15. 04/11/2012

    William Crawley talks to American author TC Boyle about his career in writing.

    First broadcast: 04 Nov 2012

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  16. 28/10/2012

    William Crawley talks to Judy Finnigan and Eamonn Hughes discusses John McGahern.

    First broadcast: 28 Oct 2012

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  17. 21/10/2012

    Michael Rosen on the importance of Roald Dahl, and Patricia Craig considers censorship.

    First broadcast: 21 Oct 2012

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  18. 14/10/2012

    William Crawley meets Alexander McCall Smith, as Dr Diarmaid Ferriter considers censorship

    First broadcast: 14 Oct 2012

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  19. 27/11/2011

    Patricia Cornwell on her latest Kay Scarpetta Novel and Ian Paisley's Great Ulster Book.

    First broadcast: 27 Nov 2011

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  20. 20/11/2011

    William Crawley is joined by Children's Laureate and 'Gruffalo' author Julia Donaldson.

    First broadcast: 20 Nov 2011

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  21. 13/11/2011

    William Crawley talks to author Robert Harris about his latest book 'The Fear Index'.

    First broadcast: 13 Nov 2011

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  22. 06/11/2011

    William Crawley is joined by author Sir Terry Pratchett, writer of the Discworld novels.

    First broadcast: 06 Nov 2011

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  23. 30/10/2011

    William Crawley interviews Anthony Horowitz and reviews crime fiction & non-fiction books.

    First broadcast: 30 Oct 2011

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  24. 23/10/2011

    William Crawley talks to Margaret Atwood; Glenn Patterson nominates a Great Ulster Book.

    First broadcast: 23 Oct 2011

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  25. 29/05/2011

    William Crawley assesses the latest offerings from the literary world.

    First broadcast: 29 May 2011

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  26. 22/05/2011

    William Crawley assesses the latest offerings from the literary world.

    First broadcast: 22 May 2011

    Image for 22/05/2011 Not currently available
  27. 15/05/2011

    William Crawley assesses the latest offerings from the literary world.

    First broadcast: 15 May 2011

    Image for 15/05/2011 Not currently available
  28. 08/05/2011

    William Crawley assesses the latest offerings from the literary world.

    First broadcast: 08 May 2011

    Image for 08/05/2011 Not currently available
  29. 01/05/2011

    William Crawley assesses the latest offerings from the literary world.

    First broadcast: 01 May 2011

    Image for 01/05/2011 Not currently available
  30. 24/04/2011

    William Crawley assesses the latest offerings from the literary world.

    First broadcast: 24 Apr 2011

    Image for 24/04/2011 Not currently available

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