The King's Son

David Wade - Alexander Episode 1 of 6

Baby Alexander is born and there's friction between King Philip of Macedon and Queen Olympias.

David Wade's six-part serial on the life of Alexander the Great.

Stars Barry Foster as the Spirit of Achilles, Simon Ward as the Spirit of Patroclus, Brian Cox as King Philip of Macedon, Geraldine James as Queen Olympias and Sam Crane as the Young Alexander.

With David March as Antipatros, Malcolm Sinclair as Demosthenes, Keith Drinkel as Lysimachos, Gary King as Young Hephaistion, Barry Gordon as Aristander, Philip Anthony as Artabazus, John Evitts as Kleitos, John Webb as Leonidas, James Telfer as Pusanias, David Thorpe as Menapis, Patti Holloway as Hellanike, Oona Beeson as Barsine, Rachel Atkins as Clotho, Jill Graham as Lachesis and Diana Payan as Atropos.

Music: Wilfredo Acosta

Director: Glyn Dearman

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1993.

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