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M' Òrain

Dè na trì òrain a bhiodh sibhse airson a chluinntinn agus carson?

M' Òrain

Gach Diardaoin tha sinne airson faighinn a-mach bho cuideigin dè na trì h-òrain as fheàrr leotha agus mìneachadh carson a tha na h-òrain cudthromach dhaibh?

Chan eil feum agaibh bruidhinn air a phrògram.

Siuthad, cur post-dealan thugainn ann an Gàidhlig no Beurla - pluto@bbc.co.uk


Na trì òrain as fheàrr aig Pluto

Co-dhùnadh furasta gu leòr seo an taghadh...

Eric Clapton - No Alibis

''I used to play this on 3 play repeat on the dukebox in the Anvil Bar (original public) at the Dunollie Hotel in Broadford while I was a student. It sent everyone dotty but I LOVED it and used it to antagonise the patrons who lost an awful lot of drink thanks to me and my pool!!''

Ronan Keating - Life Is A Rollercoaster

''Togaidh seo iomadach mol 's dòcha? Random yes I know but this was the track that was on when my daughter was born. UNFORGETTABLE!''

Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now

''Hahahahahaha, iomadach aobhar!! So many reasons so little time. Bottom line is...she's still hot!''

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