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  1. 04/11/2013

    Breaking news and hard-hitting talk about the big stories of the day.

    First broadcast: 04 Nov 2013

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  2. 01/11/2013

    An average of 10 litter fines dished out every day in NI.

    First broadcast: 01 Nov 2013

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  3. 31/10/2013

    Equality Commission says YES to gay marriage & why is civil service sick leave so high?

    First broadcast: 31 Oct 2013

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  4. 30/10/2013

    John Hume's wife tells us how Greysteel atrocity strengthened peace talks resolve

    First broadcast: 30 Oct 2013

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  5. 29/10/2013

    The disabled man left without central heating for weeks. We speak to his sister Caroline

    First broadcast: 29 Oct 2013

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  6. 28/10/2013

    Gregory Campbell is calling for more transparency from the BBC about salaries

    First broadcast: 28 Oct 2013

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  7. 25/10/2013

    Gerry Kelly facing the questions on the Maze Escape, his IRA past and the Shankill bombing

    First broadcast: 25 Oct 2013

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  8. 24/10/2013

    Remembering a week from hell - 20 years on from one of the worst periods of the Troubles.

    First broadcast: 24 Oct 2013

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  9. 23/10/2013

    Remembering the victims of the Shankill bombing.

    First broadcast: 23 Oct 2013

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  10. 22/10/2013

    Beauty Queen contest with size restrictions to be held at Stormont. Suitable event?

    First broadcast: 22 Oct 2013

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  11. 21/10/2013

    Anger over a plaque unveiling for the Shankill bomber Thomas Begley.

    First broadcast: 21 Oct 2013

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  12. 18/10/2013

    Peter Robinson praises the GAA's contribution to peace. And Stephen talks to Bob Geldof.

    First broadcast: 18 Oct 2013

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  13. 17/10/2013

    PPS Director says no grey area in helping a NI woman obtain an abortion in England.

    First broadcast: 17 Oct 2013

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  14. 16/10/2013

    The couple facing an abortion nightmare. Have they received any support from Stormont?

    First broadcast: 16 Oct 2013

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  15. 15/10/2013

    Education Minister John O'Dowd defends his education funding plans.

    First broadcast: 15 Oct 2013

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  16. 14/10/2013

    Just how much harm is all this traffic disruption doing? Edited since transmission.

    First broadcast: 14 Oct 2013

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  17. 11/10/2013

    Devastated father: "Will I face jail if I help partner travel to England for an abortion?"

    First broadcast: 11 Oct 2013

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  18. 10/10/2013

    Huge response to the story on our show yesterday, Sarah's Story. Edited since transmission

    First broadcast: 10 Oct 2013

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  19. 09/10/2013

    A devastated expectant mother and her abortion law plea

    First broadcast: 09 Oct 2013

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  20. 08/10/2013

    Anger on the Shankill over Bomber Commemoration

    First broadcast: 08 Oct 2013

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  21. 07/10/2013

    Orange Order,gay couple adoption ban, living beside a peace wall & the X Factor's Andrea

    First broadcast: 07 Oct 2013

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  22. 04/10/2013

    Security alert causes disruption in Finaghy

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2013

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  23. 03/10/2013

    Unpaid work in return for dole money? Should we swallow Tory medicine on welfare reforms?

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2013

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  24. 02/10/2013

    Danny Morrison: "I hope I'm wrong but I suspect the Assembly could collapse"

    First broadcast: 02 Oct 2013

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  25. 01/10/2013

    Has the Maze centre row totally scuppered multi-million pound investment plans?

    First broadcast: 01 Oct 2013

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  26. 30/09/2013

    Work for benefits says Chancellor George Osborne. Will Stormont embrace new policy here?

    First broadcast: 30 Sep 2013

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  27. 27/09/2013

    DUP MLA Robin Newton responds to criticism for employing family members

    First broadcast: 27 Sep 2013

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  28. 26/09/2013

    A woman shot several times in Belfast & Gerry Kelly's tweet on the Maze Prison escape.

    First broadcast: 26 Sep 2013

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  29. 25/09/2013

    Gerry Kelly says power sharing at Stormont is in "crisis"

    First broadcast: 25 Sep 2013

    Image for 25/09/2013 Not currently available
  30. 24/09/2013

    Should workers here be paid a "living wage" of £7.20 per hour?

    First broadcast: 24 Sep 2013

    Image for 24/09/2013 Not currently available

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