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  1. 24/08/2009

    The distraught father of a severely ill 'Ards teenager Gareth continues his battle...

    First broadcast: 24 Aug 2009

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  2. 21/08/2009

    The father of 19 year old Gareth Anderson says he wants a judicial review...

    First broadcast: 21 Aug 2009

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  3. 20/08/2009

    A father's tells Nolan of his fight to save his teenage son...

    First broadcast: 20 Aug 2009

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  4. 19/08/2009

    Dog on Death Row - Shannon tells us she'll stop at nothing to keep her Bruce alive

    First broadcast: 19 Aug 2009

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  5. 18/08/2009

    US Homeland Security set to deport one of the Maze escapees 26 years after the jailbreak

    First broadcast: 18 Aug 2009

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  6. 17/08/2009

    Stuart Murray from Ballykelly becomes the latest victim of the war in Afghanistan.

    First broadcast: 17 Aug 2009

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  7. 14/08/2009

    40 years on from the events of August 1969 we remember the birth of "The Troubles".

    First broadcast: 14 Aug 2009

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  8. The Stephen Nolan Show

    Faceless men handing out punishments beatings why are these crimes on the increase?

    First broadcast: 13 Aug 2009

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  9. 12/08/2009

    A loyalist stand off with the police in a row over the flying of tri-colours

    First broadcast: 12 Aug 2009

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  10. 11/08/2009

    Brother of a loyalist murder victim speaks to Stephen

    First broadcast: 11 Aug 2009

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  11. 10/08/2009

    Sammy Wilson to cut bonuses from top civil servants saving taxpayers £1.1 million

    First broadcast: 10 Aug 2009

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  12. 07/08/2009

    The Police appeal for calm as they warn of trouble at an Apprentice Boys march in Derry

    First broadcast: 07 Aug 2009

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  13. 06/08/2009

    Larne family fear for their lives...

    First broadcast: 06 Aug 2009

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  14. 05/08/2009

    Attorney General decides not to review sentences surrounding the killing of Harry Holland

    First broadcast: 05 Aug 2009

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  15. 04/08/2009

    Why is policing board trying to close a 3rd of PSNI stations in the next 2 years?

    First broadcast: 04 Aug 2009

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  16. 03/08/2009

    A nine year old boy has been attacked by a masked gang in his home

    First broadcast: 03 Aug 2009

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  17. 31/07/2009

    Will the deadly Basque car bomb in Mallorca put holiday makers off?

    First broadcast: 31 Jul 2009

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  18. 30/07/2009

    We spend billions a year - now its official - organic food has no extra health benefits

    First broadcast: 30 Jul 2009

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  19. 29/07/2009

    Changes to rural planning laws - but are we in danger of concreting over the countryside?

    First broadcast: 29 Jul 2009

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  20. 28/07/2009

    The horrors of aerosol abuse - we hear from two grieving mothers

    First broadcast: 28 Jul 2009

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  21. 27/07/2009

    Assisted suicide - how do you feel on the controversial topic?

    First broadcast: 27 Jul 2009

    Image for 27/07/2009 Not currently available
  22. 24/07/2009

    A 70 year old on a mobility scooter knocks down a 90 year old...

    First broadcast: 24 Jul 2009

    Image for 24/07/2009 Not currently available
  23. 23/07/2009

    The Church of England unveils its two-in-one wedding and christening service

    First broadcast: 23 Jul 2009

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  24. 22/07/2009

    Will your travel insurance pay out if Swine Flu forces you to cancel your holiday?

    First broadcast: 22 Jul 2009

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  25. 21/07/2009

    Pay to see the doctor - Is it time to follow the republic's lead?

    First broadcast: 21 Jul 2009

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  26. 20/07/2009

    Could Northern Ireland be plunged into chaos if Swine Flu is not contained?

    First broadcast: 20 Jul 2009

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  27. 17/07/2009

    Swine Flu - ngland has a National Pandemic Flu Line so why don't we?

    First broadcast: 17 Jul 2009

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  28. 16/07/2009

    Republican youths in North Belfast clash with police for the third night

    First broadcast: 16 Jul 2009

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  29. 15/07/2009

    Plans for tighter passport controls dropped by Commons - do we need heightened security?

    First broadcast: 15 Jul 2009

    Image for 15/07/2009 Not currently available
  30. 14/07/2009

    Sinn Féin call on the Orange Order to talk before contentious marches go ahead

    First broadcast: 14 Jul 2009

    Image for 14/07/2009 Not currently available

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