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Regular listeners will know all about The Question - where Chris sets the Garden a personal puzzler about himself, or something he's seen or done, and listeners call and text in with their guesses. They're a regular fixture of the show - here are some ones from previous shows.

I've just a new car but I sent it back because I thought there was something wrong with it. But there wasn't! What was it?

The engine stops running when I stop. It's a petrol saving thing

After washing my hands I always do this. What?

Rub my wet hands on my forehead to cool me down

My aunty got out the car and walked towards the supermarket.. what happened next?

A bird did a Number Two on her

Gabe and I used to go to a certain place in Spain. I really enjoyed it and me feel really good -so I I'd like to go again, but I don;t think Buster would enjoy it. Where?

The Roman Baths in Manilva, Malaga Province

I bought some clothes today, got them home, then had to take them back to the shop - why?

Manufacturer had put wrong size label on

I prefer Bleep to Bleep... what's the bleeps?

Paella.. lava

While in Luxembourg I discovered a shop that we used to have here. What shop?


A while ago I transplanted something into my garden from somewhere else... they're always handy. What were they?

Dock leaves

What have I just bought Buster?

His own table

Back in the 60s i used to love to dance this dance.

The Monkey

I used to eat these sweeties when I was a kid. I haven't seen them since then but just the other day Gabe walked in from the Cash and Carry with a big tub of them... what are they?

 Flying saucers

I have something i wear that signifies I do..

headphones on my socks

I used to win this every year on St David's Day in school...

folk dancing over sticks

Who was the first person I met when I joined the BBC?

Vincent Kane.  

1964 was the first year I what ?????

Went abroad [to Belgium.]


I always keep one of these in the bedroom as my mam did years ago just in case I was not well with something - what?

A tile because of cramp


While performing years ago i cut my leg badly and i never did it again. What was I doing?

Ice skating


For my 20th birthday in 1974 I was treated to a trip to see something new - what?

The opening of Charles de Gaul airport in Paris


This has six million parts……..What is it?

A Boeing 747


Daisy Chain

What was the first song sung by Al Jolson in the 1946 film the Jolson Story?

The novel and film 'Saturday Night, Sunday Morning' is set in which city?

Name Walter White's alter ego? (Heisenberg)

Jacko Vance is a character in the novels of which author? 

Kevin - Who invented frozen pizza?

Butler - What is Joe Jackson's real name? (David Ian Jackson)

Tonly Russell - name of the only town in Wales containing the letters GWR (Llywngwril)

Glyn Parry - What was the name of the real-life cowboy owner of Champion the Wonder Horse? 

Meirion Jones  - Which year was the first Olympic Games recorded?  - (776 BC)

David Cutland - What was Abba's only No.1 hit in the United States? 

John Howells - In what year was Stanley Matthews awarded Football Player of the Year? (1947-48) 

Paul Trickett - Where was the women’s prison in  Cardiff that is now a commercial premises? (Cardiff Indoor Market)

Ginny in Fishponds - Where is the hill that Jack & Jill went up to
fetch their pail of water? (Kilmersdon in Somerset)

Tony Russell - What is the largest inland county in England? (Shropshire)

Tom - Who played Robin Hood in the original 1950s tv series? (Richard Green)

Mike Llewellyn - who was the original host of Cracker Jack? (Eamonn Andrews)

??? - What was the first human invention to break the sound Barrier- Bull whip

Roger Wooldridge – Who is the first Welshman to win an Oscar, and for which film? (Hugh Griffiths/"Ben Hur")

Sandra Cutland - What year were Cadbury's Cream Eggs introduced? (1963)

Doreen Jones - who was the first non-Royal person to be on a postage
stamp? (Shakespeare)


Paul Edwards - how many bones in a dog? (319-321)

OPENER: How many dimples on a regulation golf ball? (366)