Uzbekistan to Syria

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Duration: 1 hour

Documentary series in which Dan Cruickshank travels the world in search of man's greatest creations.

Dan hits some of the most mysterious and secret countries in the world, where the weary western traveller cannot be sure of a warm welcome. But he's in for a surprise as he is accosted by young girls in Bukhara and Persian carpet sellers in Iran and he couldn't be more welcome if he tried.

Tile-making in Samarkand, the extraordinary trading domes of Uzbekistan and the fire temple of Azerbaijan take Dan to some of the most incredible but least-visited places in the world. There is also a real mystery to solve as he gingerly edges himself up a cliff-face towards the biggest archaeological puzzle of the 19th century - the Bisitun carvings.

After the pleasures of Iran, Dan heads for one of the glories of the ancient world - the great city of Persepolis, vanquished by Alexander the Great in 330BC. In its day it was the most beauitiful city in the world and there's more than enough left to savour the brilliance - like the Palace of One Hundred Columns and the Gate of All Nations.

Lastly, Dan visits Damascus in Syria and one of the most exotic souks, or markets, in the world. Worn to a frazzle he heads for the local hammam - the town steam bath - for an orgy of pampering and hubble bubble pipe.

  • Photo: Bukhara trading domes

    Photo: Bukhara trading domes

    As he travels the world, Dan Cruickshank visits trading domes in Bukhara, one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan.

  • Photo: Samarkand

    Photo: Samarkand

    Dan selects Samarkand as his 41st treasure. It is an ancient site, located on the Zarafshan River in modern-day Uzbekistan.


Dan Cruickshank
Tim Dunn
Executive Producer
Basil Comely


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