The Philosophy of Morals and Docile Dinosaurs

The Philosophy of Morals
Do we make moral judgements based on societal rules or based on our emotions?
Geoff finds out from Marc Hauser, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University.

Docile Dinosaurs
A new 95 million-year-old dinosaur species discovery was reported this week. Professor David Varricchio explains how the find puts paid to some stereotypes.

Classroom Cacophony
Acoustic engineer Trevor Cox of Salford University wants a rethink of classroom soundscapes.

Desert pools
The diverse array of microbes in Mexican desert pools may help biologists to find out how life on early Earth got started. Molly Bentley reports from the Great Chihuahuan Desert.

Geoff talks to Professor Jeffrey Moore from the University of Illinois about a novel branch of chemistry which uses mechanical force to change the properties of a substance.

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