Slumbering Aid Memory and the Japanese Space Agency

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Smells and Slumbering Aid Memory
Research this week confirms the theory that reactivating memories during sleep helps to consolidate them. Professor Jan Born from the University of Lubeck in Germany explains.

The Trouble with Physics
Theoretical physicist Lee Smolin tells Geoff why in the last three decades of trying to find a complete unification of the laws of physics, this area of science is in danger of losing its way.

Space Station Justification
Richard Hollingham reports from the Japanese Space Agency where the latest module for the International Space Station is being built. But will it all be worth it?

Birds Behaving Badly
Mafia-style intimidation by cowbirds gives them the reproductive edge. Jeffery Hoover of the Florida Museum of Natural History tells how it’s survival of the most brutal in the world of birds.

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