Normalizing Dirty Work - Fenian Diaspora

Laurie Taylor is joined by Professor Blake Ashforth, Rusty Lyon Chair in Strategy in the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University and co-author of Normalizing Dirty Work: Managerial Tactics for Countering Occupational Taint, a research study which looked at how 54 managers, in 18 ‘dirty work’ occupations in America, utilise a series of social tactics to ‘normalise’ the social stigma attached to their occupation. They discuss how workers, who are employed in a dirty occupation, are able to retain a relatively high occupational self esteem and pride.

Dr Gerry Kearns, Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Cambridge talks about his current research into the Irish abroad and their effect upon terrorist activities at home during the late 19th century.  Dr Kearns examines the ‘Fenian Diaspora’ to look for the mechanisms that underlie relationships between emigrants and nationalist conflicts at home.

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