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Album of The Week

Album of The Week

Ben and Ellen Harper  'Childhood Home'

This, literally, stunning new album from mother and son is steeped in the roots of American tradition.....and then some.

A revelation.

Songwriter of the Week

Ivor Cutler

Er, not strictly a songwriter, Ivor is regarded as a poet, humourist and surrealist of the highest order. What a man! What a life!, 

Song Lyric of the Week

This week's song lyric is rated 2.3

The clue is: Spring has sprung

"You are the sunshine of my life"

........and what did I love about you?

Archive Album of the Week

Chris Hillman  'Like A Hurricane'

Mr Hillman is a unique figure in thehistory of music. He co-founded TheHillmen, The Byrds, The FlyingBurrito Brothers, Manassas, TheSouther Hillman Furay Band andthe multi-platinum selling Desert Rose Band.Who else has done this?

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