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Out of Doors Episode guide

  1. 23/11/2013

    Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith with the latest outdoor activities.

    First broadcast: 23 Nov 2013

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  2. 16/11/2013

    The latest outdoor news, including whether Scottish river salmon are getting skinnier.

    First broadcast: 16 Nov 2013

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  3. 09/11/2013

    The latest outdoor news, including the restoration of a historic sheep dyke.

    First broadcast: 09 Nov 2013

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  4. 02/11/2013

    The latest outdoor news including the teenager who had to fight to take an apprenticeship.

    First broadcast: 02 Nov 2013

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  5. 26/10/2013

    Mark Stephen visits Scotland's first wind cooperative in Dingwall.

    First broadcast: 26 Oct 2013

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  6. 19/10/2013

    Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith with the latest outdoor activities.

    First broadcast: 19 Oct 2013

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  7. 12/10/2013

    Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith with the latest outdoor activities.

    First broadcast: 12 Oct 2013

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  8. 05/10/2013

    Should the public know more about how red deer are managed in Scotland?

    First broadcast: 05 Oct 2013

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  9. 28/09/2013

    A look at the economic impact of coach tours, plus Peter May visits the Island of Lewis.

    First broadcast: 28 Sep 2013

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  10. 21/09/2013

    Out of Doors asks how changes to work permits will affecting hiring on fruit farms.

    First broadcast: 21 Sep 2013

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  11. 14/09/2013

    Out of Doors finds out why conservationists are determined to preserve woolly willows.

    First broadcast: 14 Sep 2013

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  12. 07/09/2013

    A proposed supermarket in Comrie has raised questions over shops in communities.

    First broadcast: 07 Sep 2013

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  13. 31/08/2013

    Out of Doors asks how to best encourage farmers to produce livestock for beef herds.

    First broadcast: 31 Aug 2013

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  14. 24/08/2013

    Euan McIlwraith and Christopher Sleight with the latest outdoor activities.

    First broadcast: 24 Aug 2013

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  15. 17/08/2013

    The story of the St Kildan children stranded on a waterless sea stack for nine months.

    First broadcast: 17 Aug 2013

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  16. 10/08/2013

    David Miller visits St Kilda to soak in the unique atmosphere of the islands.

    First broadcast: 10 Aug 2013

    Image for 10/08/2013 Not currently available
  17. 03/08/2013

    Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith with the latest outdoor activities.

    First broadcast: 03 Aug 2013

    Image for 03/08/2013 Not currently available
  18. 27/07/2013

    Mark and Euan experiment with stand-up paddling, a new way of exploring coastal waters.

    First broadcast: 27 Jul 2013

    Image for 27/07/2013 Not currently available
  19. 20/07/2013

    Mark Stephen and Helen Needham with the latest outdoor activities.

    First broadcast: 20 Jul 2013

    Image for 20/07/2013 Not currently available
  20. 13/07/2013

    A programme featuring five of the winners from the My Favourite Place writing competition.

    First broadcast: 13 Jul 2013

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  21. 06/07/2013

    Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith bring you a taster of the Scottish Game Fair.

    First broadcast: 06 Jul 2013

    Image for 06/07/2013 Not currently available
  22. 29/06/2013

    Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith with the latest outdoor activities.

    First broadcast: 29 Jun 2013

    Image for 29/06/2013 Not currently available
  23. 22/06/2013

    Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith present a special programme from the Royal Highland Show.

    First broadcast: 22 Jun 2013

    Image for 22/06/2013 Not currently available
  24. 15/06/2013

    Featuring a half-hour special feature on camper vans with Mark Stephen.

    First broadcast: 15 Jun 2013

    Image for 15/06/2013 Not currently available
  25. 08/06/2013

    A special programme from the banks of Loch Lomond.

    First broadcast: 08 Jun 2013

    Image for 08/06/2013 Not currently available
  26. 01/06/2013

    Mark Stephen and Euan McIlwraith hear two perspectives on organic farming.

    First broadcast: 01 Jun 2013

    Image for 01/06/2013 Not currently available
  27. 25/05/2013

    Out of Doors meets the woman who investigates wildlife crime on Tayside.

    First broadcast: 25 May 2013

    Image for 25/05/2013 Not currently available
  28. 18/05/2013

    Euan McIlwraith penetrates a wall of sound at the Inverurie poultry sale.

    First broadcast: 18 May 2013

    Image for 18/05/2013 Not currently available
  29. 11/05/2013

    Mark Stephen talks to farmer Jim Fairley about the toughest lambing season in memory.

    First broadcast: 11 May 2013

    Image for 11/05/2013 Not currently available
  30. 04/05/2013

    Out of Doors celebrates spring, live from Abernethy Forest.

    First broadcast: 04 May 2013

    Image for 04/05/2013 Not currently available

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