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  1. 21/10/2013

    A Ukrainian student pleads guilty to murdering a Muslim pensioner in Birmingham.

    First broadcast: 21 Oct 2013

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  2. 18/10/2013

    An interview with a widow as the government highlights the problem of loneliness.

    First broadcast: 18 Oct 2013

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  3. 17/10/2013

    British Gas announces gas and electricity prices will go up next month.

    First broadcast: 17 Oct 2013

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  4. 16/10/2013

    Postal workers vote to go on strike over the privatisation of Royal Mail.

    First broadcast: 16 Oct 2013

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  5. 15/10/2013

    Another twist in the Andrew Mitchell 'plebgate' row.

    First broadcast: 15 Oct 2013

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  6. 14/10/2013

    Police release new pictures of a man wanted for questioning over McCann disappearance.

    First broadcast: 14 Oct 2013

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  7. 11/10/2013

    Royal Mail shares jump sharply on their first day of conditional trading.

    First broadcast: 11 Oct 2013

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  8. 10/10/2013

    Criticism of SSE's decision to raise energy prices - but the company says it has no choice

    First broadcast: 10 Oct 2013

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  9. 09/10/2013

    The government defends its border security programme after a report said it was failing.

    First broadcast: 09 Oct 2013

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  10. 08/10/2013

    Exclusive interview with EDL founder and leader Tommy Robinson on why he's quit the group.

    First broadcast: 08 Oct 2013

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  11. 07/10/2013

    Both the Government and Labour have carried out ministerial reshuffles.

    First broadcast: 07 Oct 2013

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  12. 04/10/2013

    A mother is jailed for 15 years for starving her son to death.

    First broadcast: 04 Oct 2013

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  13. 03/10/2013

    A round-up of the day's top news and sport with Anna Foster and Peter Allen.

    First broadcast: 03 Oct 2013

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  14. 02/10/2013

    David Cameron says everyone under 25 should be earning or learning.

    First broadcast: 02 Oct 2013

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  15. 01/10/2013

    A round-up of the day's top news and sport with Lisa McCormick and Peter Allen.

    First broadcast: 01 Oct 2013

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  16. 30/09/2013

    George Osborne tells Conservatives he wants tight controls on public spending.

    First broadcast: 30 Sep 2013

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  17. 27/09/2013

    Scientists say they have the strongest proof yet that humans cause global warming.

    First broadcast: 27 Sep 2013

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  18. 26/09/2013

    A worldwide alert is issued for a British woman after the Kenyan shopping centre attack.

    First broadcast: 26 Sep 2013

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  19. 25/09/2013

    Firefighters in England and Wales strike for four hours over pension changes.

    First broadcast: 25 Sep 2013

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  20. 24/09/2013

    Ed Miliband says a Labour government will freeze energy bills for 20 months.

    First broadcast: 24 Sep 2013

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  21. 23/09/2013

    The Kenyan government says everything possible is being done to end a shopping mall siege.

    First broadcast: 23 Sep 2013

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  22. 20/09/2013

    The UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom loses the party whip for calling women 'sluts'.

    First broadcast: 20 Sep 2013

    Image for 20/09/2013 Not currently available
  23. 19/09/2013

    The government orders a review into the wearing of face veils by NHS staff.

    First broadcast: 19 Sep 2013

    Image for 19/09/2013 Not currently available
  24. 18/09/2013

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems are helping to turn Britain around.

    First broadcast: 18 Sep 2013

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  25. 17/09/2013

    Nick Clegg says that five to seven-year-olds in England will be given free school meals.

    First broadcast: 17 Sep 2013

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  26. 16/09/2013

    A mass shooting in the United States at a naval base in Washington DC.

    First broadcast: 16 Sep 2013

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  27. 13/09/2013

    Detectives investigate deaths in a fire in Leicester.

    First broadcast: 13 Sep 2013

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  28. 12/09/2013

    The Royal Mail will be privatised 'within weeks'.

    First broadcast: 12 Sep 2013

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  29. 11/09/2013

    A round-up of the day's top news and sport with Louise Minchin and Peter Allen.

    First broadcast: 11 Sep 2013

    Image for 11/09/2013 Not currently available
  30. 10/09/2013

    The Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell is cleared of all child sex abuse charges.

    First broadcast: 10 Sep 2013

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