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  1. 22/12/2013

    David Cameron has written to the mother of a British doctor who died in a Syrian jail.

    First broadcast: 22 Dec 2013

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  2. 21/12/2013

    The England cricketer, Graeme Swann, has announced his retirement with immediate effect.

    First broadcast: 21 Dec 2013

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  3. 20/12/2013

    Rochdale grooming reaction; Nigella latest; and Bruce Jones.

    First broadcast: 20 Dec 2013

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  4. 15/12/2013

    Tributes to Peter O'Toole, who has died at the age of 81.

    First broadcast: 15 Dec 2013

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  5. 14/12/2013

    The day's main news stories, topical debate and interviews.

    First broadcast: 14 Dec 2013

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  6. 13/12/2013

    Disabled parking, English tests for benefit claimants and interview with Calum Best.

    First broadcast: 13 Dec 2013

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  7. 08/12/2013

    Do MPs deserve an 11% pay rise, and the latest on the match-fixing allegations.

    First broadcast: 08 Dec 2013

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  8. 07/12/2013

    The day's main news stories, topical debate and interviews.

    First broadcast: 07 Dec 2013

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  9. 07/12/2013

    Stephen Nolan rounds up the day's news and takes a first look at the weekend's papers.

    First broadcast: 07 Dec 2013

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  10. 01/12/2013

    The latest from Glasgow as rescue teams work at the scene of Friday's helicopter crash.

    First broadcast: 01 Dec 2013

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  11. 30/11/2013

    The latest on the helicopter crash which has left eight people dead in Glasgow.

    First broadcast: 30 Nov 2013

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  12. 29/11/2013

    The latest on the helicopter crash in Glasgow.

    First broadcast: 29 Nov 2013

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  13. 24/11/2013

    RBS is facing claims that it is putting 'good and viable' businesses into default.

    First broadcast: 24 Nov 2013

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  14. 23/11/2013

    The start of the fourth day of the first Ashes test, and a look at Sunday's papers.

    First broadcast: 23 Nov 2013

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  15. 22/11/2013

    An interview with Fred Done of Betfred, one of Britain's biggest betting shop chains.

    First broadcast: 22 Nov 2013

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  16. 17/11/2013

    Topical debate with Stephen Nolan. Should the age of consent be lowered to 15?

    First broadcast: 17 Nov 2013

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  17. 16/11/2013

    Should the age of consent be lowered to 15? Paul Potts talks about being bullied.

    First broadcast: 16 Nov 2013

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  18. 15/11/2013

    Plans to introduce prison sentences of up to five years for wilful neglect by doctors.

    First broadcast: 15 Nov 2013

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  19. 10/11/2013

    Special news programme with the latest on Typhoon Haiyan.

    First broadcast: 10 Nov 2013

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  20. 09/11/2013

    Stephen discusses the new deal for rights to Champions League and Europa League Football.

    First broadcast: 09 Nov 2013

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  21. 08/11/2013

    Live from the Met Police's Air Support Unit, reporting on how helicopters fight crime.

    First broadcast: 08 Nov 2013

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  22. 03/11/2013

    A Conservative MP says the BBC licence fee should be scrapped.

    First broadcast: 03 Nov 2013

    Image for 03/11/2013 Not currently available
  23. 02/11/2013

    Labour is offering tax breaks for companies who pay the living wage.

    First broadcast: 02 Nov 2013

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  24. 01/11/2013

    Listeners react as firefighters in England and Wales have staged a fresh strike.

    First broadcast: 01 Nov 2013

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  25. 27/10/2013

    Stephen Nolan with a storm special.

    First broadcast: 27 Oct 2013

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  26. 26/10/2013

    The war on fat, disability benefits and the Mail photo of soldiers doing Nazi salutes.

    First broadcast: 26 Oct 2013

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  27. 25/10/2013

    Jack Straw stands down, Merkel spying allegations, GDP and great teachers.

    First broadcast: 25 Oct 2013

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  28. 20/10/2013

    Should workers be allowed to have Sunday off if they believe in God?

    First broadcast: 20 Oct 2013

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  29. 19/10/2013

    The controversy over energy prices continues, as one firm promises to undercut the Big Six

    First broadcast: 19 Oct 2013

    Image for 19/10/2013 Not currently available
  30. 18/10/2013

    Fierce topical debate.

    First broadcast: 18 Oct 2013

    Image for 18/10/2013 Not currently available

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