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Lent Talks Episode guide

  1. Jim Wallis

    The Power and the Passion: Jim Wallis on the power of the cross.

    First broadcast: 16 Apr 2014

    Image for Jim Wallis Not currently available
  2. Marina Warner

    The Power and the Passion: Marina Warner reflects on the power of places.

    First broadcast: 09 Apr 2014

    Image for Marina Warner Not currently available
  3. Andrew Adonis

    The Power and the Passion: Andrew Adonis reflects on people power.

    First broadcast: 02 Apr 2014

    Image for Andrew Adonis Not currently available
  4. Nicholas Shakespeare

    The Power and the Passion: Nicholas Shakespeare on worldly power.

    First broadcast: 26 Mar 2014

    Image for Nicholas Shakespeare Not currently available
  5. 19/03/2014

    The Power and the Passion: Novelist Catherine Fox on the power of submission.

    First broadcast: 19 Mar 2014

    Image for 19/03/2014 Not currently available
  6. Bonnie Greer

    The Power and the Passion - Bonnie Greer considers the power of names.

    First broadcast: 12 Mar 2014

    Image for Bonnie Greer Not currently available
  7. Lucy Winkett

    Canon Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James's, Piccadilly, reflects on spiritual abandonment.

    First broadcast: 27 Mar 2013

    Image for Lucy Winkett Not currently available
  8. Imam Asim Hafiz

    Imam Asim Hafiz, Muslim Chaplain to HM Forces, explores the abandonment created by war.

    First broadcast: 20 Mar 2013

    Image for Imam Asim Hafiz Not currently available
  9. Loretta Minghella

    Director of Christian Aid Loretta Minghella considers the abandonment of self.

    First broadcast: 13 Mar 2013

    Image for Loretta Minghella Not currently available
  10. Benjamin Cohen

    Jewish journalist Benjamin Cohen reflects on his fear of being abandoned for being gay.

    First broadcast: 06 Mar 2013

    Image for Benjamin Cohen Not currently available
  11. Alexander McCall Smith

    Alexander McCall Smith considers how you can feel abandoned by society as you grow older.

    First broadcast: 27 Feb 2013

    Image for Alexander McCall Smith Not currently available
  12. Baroness Helena Kennedy

    Baroness Helena Kennedy QC considers what it means to abandon being human.

    First broadcast: 20 Feb 2013

    Image for Baroness Helena Kennedy Not currently available
  13. Sr Gemma Simmonds CJ

    Six well-known figures reflect on how the Lenten story of Jesus's ministry and Passion.

    First broadcast: 04 Apr 2012

    Image for Sr Gemma Simmonds CJ Not currently available
  14. Prof Tariq Ramadan

    Prof Tariq Ramadan sets out the philosophy of the individual and its absence in Islam.

    First broadcast: 28 Mar 2012

    Image for Prof Tariq Ramadan Not currently available
  15. Martin Wroe

    Martin Wroe explores the individual being at its most divine when working in community.

    First broadcast: 21 Mar 2012

    Image for Martin Wroe Not currently available
  16. Prof John Lennox

    Prof John Lennox describes how God is encountered through science.

    First broadcast: 14 Mar 2012

    Image for Prof John Lennox Not currently available
  17. Prof Linda Woodhead

    Linda Woodhead explores the emergence of new communities and social groups.

    First broadcast: 07 Mar 2012

    Image for Prof Linda Woodhead Not currently available
  18. 29/02/2012

    The Rt Rev Nick Baines, Bishop of Bradford, asks if we are 'one alone or one of many'.

    First broadcast: 29 Feb 2012

    Image for 29/02/2012 Not currently available
  19. 20/04/2011

    Mark Oakley, Canon Treasurer at St Paul's Cathedral, explores the conflict with God.

    First broadcast: 20 Apr 2011

    Image for 20/04/2011 Not currently available
  20. 13/04/2011

    Guardian columnist Madeleine Bunting explores the unmet appetite for justice.

    First broadcast: 13 Apr 2011

    Image for 13/04/2011 Not currently available
  21. 06/04/2011

    A personal reflection on elements of conflict found in the story of Jesus' ministry.

    First broadcast: 06 Apr 2011

    Image for 06/04/2011 Not currently available
  22. Feisal Abdul Rauf

    New York Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf explores the conflict between faith and identity.

    First broadcast: 30 Mar 2011

    Image for Feisal Abdul Rauf Not currently available
  23. Austen Ivereigh

    Austen Ivereigh reflects on ending the cycle of conflict by becoming the forgiving victim.

    First broadcast: 23 Mar 2011

    Image for Austen Ivereigh Not currently available
  24. Lord Ian Blair

    Lord Ian Blair explores the conflict of religion in the public arena.

    First broadcast: 16 Mar 2011

    Image for Lord Ian Blair Not currently available
  25. Rev Dr Giles Fraser

    Rev Dr Giles Fraser reflects on the nature of sacrifice.

    First broadcast: 31 Mar 2010

    Image for Rev Dr Giles Fraser Not currently available
  26. Rev Prof Alister McGrath

    Rev Prof Alister McGrath on the relationship between natural science, faith and religion.

    First broadcast: 24 Mar 2010

    Image for Rev Prof Alister McGrath Not currently available
  27. Sr Elizabeth Obbard

    Sr Elizabeth Obbard explores how people's personal faith is shaped by formal religion.

    First broadcast: 17 Mar 2010

    Image for Sr Elizabeth Obbard Not currently available
  28. Maajid Nawaz

    Maajid Nawaz, co-director of the Quilliam Foundation, reflects on pluralism in society.

    First broadcast: 10 Mar 2010

    Image for Maajid Nawaz Not currently available
  29. Andreas Whittam Smith

    Financial journalist Andreas Whittam Smith explores the temptations of the financial world

    First broadcast: 03 Mar 2010

    Image for Andreas Whittam Smith Not currently available
  30. Will Self

    Novelist Will Self reflects on the relationship between art and religion.

    First broadcast: 24 Feb 2010

    Image for Will Self Not currently available

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