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The Essay Episode guide

  1. Work-Life Balance

    A chronological history of the so-called work-life balance, from the 18th Century to today

    Image for Work-Life Balance
  2. A Tribute to Mr Purcell

    Series on the life and music of composer and organist Henry Purcell

    Image for A Tribute to Mr Purcell
  3. The Mews

    Poet, writer and falconer Helen Macdonald on rearing and training a female goshawk

    Image for The Mews
  4. William Hazlitt - Philosopher

    Series arguing that William Hazlitt was a committed philosopher and a great essayist

    Image for William Hazlitt - Philosopher

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  5. Head in the Clouds

    Series of essays on the role of clouds in art, architecture and the cultural imagination

    Image for Head in the Clouds
  6. Pinter's Voices

    Series of personal essays about the playwright Harold Pinter, who died in December 2008

    Image for Pinter's Voices
  7. Darwin's Children

    Writers examine some of the various fields in which Darwin's theories have been used

    Image for Darwin's Children
  8. The Elephant in the Poetry Reading

    Scottish poets describe how they view their own writing in relation to Robert Burns's

    Image for The Elephant in the Poetry Reading
  9. Loving the Raven

    Series in which enthusiasts explore the enduring legacy and cult status of Edgar Allan Poe

    Image for Loving the Raven
  10. The Utopian Dream - and its Disappointments

    Dr Jane Shaw explores why human beings persist in trying to build utopias

    Image for The Utopian Dream - and its Disappointments
  11. John Milton, the Essayist

    Series in which various writers and intellectuals respond to essays by John Milton

    Image for John Milton, the Essayist
  12. Under the Influence

    Series in which contemporary poets write about others whose work has influenced their own

    Image for Under the Influence
  13. Freedom

    Series in which five writers consider the meaning of freedom to them

    Image for Freedom
  14. The Lives of Others

    Anthropologists discuss the status of their discipline, its responsibilities and practices

    Image for The Lives of Others
  15. Emotional Landscapes

    Five leading writers interpret a particular emotion

    Image for Emotional Landscapes
  16. New Generation Thinkers

    Series of essays read by some of the BBC's New Generation Thinkers

    Image for New Generation Thinkers
  17. Night Walks

    Writers walk after dark and report on what they see, feel and think about their travels

    Image for Night Walks
  18. From Pens to Ploughshares

    Series on the Arts and Crafts Movement, which made beautiful objects for basic human needs

    Image for From Pens to Ploughshares
  19. Naturalists: Animals and Human Nature

    Biographies of contemporary animal lovers and the creatures and landscapes they championed

    Image for Naturalists: Animals and Human Nature
  20. Richard Cork's Great Encounters

    Art critic Richard Cork describes his encounters with artists from around the world

    Image for Richard Cork's Great Encounters
  21. The Monumental Imperative

    Sculptor Alexander Stoddart reveals the art and work behind works that inspire him

    Image for The Monumental Imperative
  22. On Excess

    Psychotherapist Adam Phillips considers what part aspects of excess play in our lives

    Image for On Excess
  23. It's Big and It's Beautiful

    ...Beautiful. Christine Finn uncovers the appeal of large and redundant technology

    Image for It's Big and It's Beautiful
  24. Under the Influence

    Contemporary poets talk about poets whose work has influenced their own

    Image for Under the Influence
  25. Vaughan Williams in the BBC Archives

    Series of radio talks for the BBC given by Ralph Vaughan Williams in his later years

    Image for Vaughan Williams in the BBC Archives
  26. Life But Not As We Know It

    A biologist, a writer and a philosopher each explore the notion of alien intelligence

    Image for Life But Not As We Know It
  27. The Future's Not What it Used to Be

    ...it used to Be. Exploring literary visions of utopia, asking where it all went wrong

    Image for The Future's Not What it Used to Be
  28. Elgar's 150th Anniversary

    Commentators reflect on Elgar in his time and after, exploring his complex personality

    Image for Elgar's 150th Anniversary
  29. When Writers Play

    Three writers are invited to describe their alternative talents as musicians

    Image for When Writers Play
  30. Greek and Latin Voices (Virgil)

    Series on the enduring influence of the Roman poet Virgil

    Image for Greek and Latin Voices (Virgil)

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