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The Essay Episode guide

  1. Germany Dreaming

    After a bizarre dream, author and critic Michael Bracewell explores all things German

    Image for Germany Dreaming
  2. Chekhov Essays

    Series exploring Anton Chekhov's legacy to today's theatre actors and writers

    Image for Chekhov Essays
  3. The Path and the Poem

    Poet and critic Andrew Motion considers the link between walking and writing

    Image for The Path and the Poem
  4. The World Turned Upside Down

    Writers former Warsaw Pact nations on the changing meaning of a seemingly banal object

    Image for The World Turned Upside Down
  5. A Five-Day Journey

    Robert Macfarlane walks along the South Downs, discovering its chalk paths and its ghosts.

    Image for A Five-Day Journey
  6. North East Free Thinkers

    Series on the achievements of significant figures and institutions from the North East

    Image for North East Free Thinkers
  7. When Writers Play (Series 2)

    Five writers describe their passions and possibly talents for playing a musical instrument

    Image for When Writers Play (Series 2)
  8. Enlightenment Voices

    Series introducing great scientists, thinkers and activists of the European Enlightenment

    Image for Enlightenment Voices
  9. The Scientist and the Romantic

    Nature writer Richard Mabey on his relationship with science and the natural world

    Image for The Scientist and the Romantic

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  10. Johnson Now

    Writers from across the world reflect on the linguistic heritage of Samuel Johnson

    Image for Johnson Now
  11. Secret Places in the Four Quartets

    Poet Craig Raine investigates the mystical dimension of TS Eliot's Four Quartets

    Image for Secret Places in the Four Quartets
  12. My Son the Fiddler

    Author Christopher Hope recalls watching his son Daniel become a renowned violinist

    Image for My Son the Fiddler
  13. Tennyson 200

    Four contemporary British poets choose a Tennyson poem and explain its importance to them

    Image for Tennyson 200
  14. Haydn Essays

    Series considering different aspects of Haydn's life, work and reputation

    Image for Haydn Essays
  15. Postcards

    Susannah Clapp looks through the postcards she has received from writers and artists

    Image for Postcards
  16. Strange Encounters - Series 2

    Series in which scientists re-examine ground-breaking scientific experiments

    Image for Strange Encounters - Series 2
  17. Antony Gormley's Seminal Sculpture

    Artist Antony Gormley discusses key sculptures and art installations of the 20th century

    Image for Antony Gormley's Seminal Sculpture
  18. Looking for Ghosts

    Michael Goldfarb searches for forgotten figures who were important to Jewish emancipation

    Image for Looking for Ghosts
  19. Tomorrow is Today

    Series on the arts in Northern Ireland since the signing of 1998's Good Friday Agreement

    Image for Tomorrow is Today
  20. A Cretan Spring

    Adam Nicolson and Sarah Raven observe the arrival of spring as it travels across Crete

    Image for A Cretan Spring
  21. A Laureate's Life

    Series exploring laureateship around the world, coinciding with Andrew Motion's retirement

    Image for A Laureate's Life
  22. Henry, King of Kings

    Series detailing key aspects of Henry VIII's 38-year reign

    Image for Henry, King of Kings
  23. The Great and Good Mr Handel

    ...Handel. Series exploring various areas of Handel's life and work

    Image for The Great and Good Mr Handel
  24. A Good Death

    Series of personal and very powerful essays in which writers ponder the art of dying

    Image for A Good Death
  25. Work-Life Balance

    A chronological history of the so-called work-life balance, from the 18th Century to today

    Image for Work-Life Balance
  26. A Tribute to Mr Purcell

    Series on the life and music of composer and organist Henry Purcell

    Image for A Tribute to Mr Purcell
  27. The Mews

    Poet, writer and falconer Helen Macdonald on rearing and training a female goshawk

    Image for The Mews
  28. William Hazlitt - Philosopher

    Series arguing that William Hazlitt was a committed philosopher and a great essayist

    Image for William Hazlitt - Philosopher

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  29. Head in the Clouds

    Series of essays on the role of clouds in art, architecture and the cultural imagination

    Image for Head in the Clouds
  30. Pinter's Voices

    Series of personal essays about the playwright Harold Pinter, who died in December 2008

    Image for Pinter's Voices

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