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The Essay Episode guide

  1. Tagore and the Bengali Sensibility

    Amit Chaudhuri explores the work and influence of Bengali polymath Rabindranath Tagore

    Image for Tagore and the Bengali Sensibility
  2. The Sound and the Fury

    Author and journalist Andrew Martin discusses noises that annoy us

    Image for The Sound and the Fury
  3. British War Films of the 50s

    Historian and writer Simon Heffer celebrates British military films made in the 1950s

    Image for British War Films of the 50s
  4. The Writer's Dickens

    Contemporary novelists examine the craft of Charles Dickens's prose

    Image for The Writer's Dickens
  5. The Antarcticans

    Series about living and working in the Antarctic

    Image for The Antarcticans
  6. Looking and Looking Away

    Reflections on various aspects of the life, work and influence of German writer WG Sebald.

    Image for Looking and Looking Away
  7. Earth Music Bristol

    Series of essays inspired by the musical content of the first Earth Music Bristol festival

    Image for Earth Music Bristol
  8. What Is History, Today?

    Series marking the anniversary of the publication in 1961 of EH Carr's What Is History?

    Image for What Is History, Today?
  9. A Dark History of British Gardening

    Jenny Uglow on the less lovely aspects of the British character that blossom in the garden

    Image for A Dark History of British Gardening
  10. I Confess: The Power of the Confession

    Series on the history of confessions, which link the legal world of Cicero to our own

    Image for I Confess: The Power of the Confession
  11. The Darkest Hour

    Series on sleeplessness and the creative life

    Image for The Darkest Hour
  12. Aspects of Grainger

    Series of programmes devoted to the life and work of composer and pianist Percy Grainger

    Image for Aspects of Grainger
  13. Golding Remembered

    Series exploring different aspects of novelist William Golding's life and work

    Image for Golding Remembered
  14. The Other Empire

    Julian Jackson tells the story of France's imperial past

    Image for The Other Empire
  15. The Music Appreciation Movement

    Musicologist Richard Witts describes the development of Music Appreciation

    Image for The Music Appreciation Movement
  16. Dark Arcadias

    Series exploring the history of an idea

    Image for Dark Arcadias
  17. InterRail Postcards

    Series in which writers discuss how new technology has changed student travel forever

    Image for InterRail Postcards
  18. It Talks

    Series exploring key developments in the history of money

    Image for It Talks
  19. The Mystical Turn

    Jane Shaw on a renewed interest in mysticism from the late 19th to the early 20th century.

    Image for The Mystical Turn
  20. The Feast of Language

    Thomas Lynch, a poet, essayist and funeral director, discusses his favourite poets

    Image for The Feast of Language
  21. The Essay: The Father Instinct

    Writer Lou Stein explores the connections between being a father and artistic creativity

    Image for The Essay: The Father Instinct
  22. New Mystery Plays

    Series of new dramas updating stories from the Old Testament to contemporary settings

    Image for New Mystery Plays
  23. Under the Influence

    People working in the arts discuss important influences on their careers

    Image for Under the Influence
  24. Requiem for Networks

    Ken Hollings discusses the history, power and revolutionary change of information networks

    Image for Requiem for Networks
  25. The Book that Changed Me

    Writers, academics and journalists discuss the books that inspired them in their careers

    Image for The Book that Changed Me
  26. The Age of Creativity

    Series in which writers, composers and poets explore how ageing affects creative artists

    Image for The Age of Creativity
  27. The Life Cycle of a Fictional Character - An Alternative History of the Novel

    Critic James Wood explores aspects of novelistic technique through a fictional character

    Image for The Life Cycle of a Fictional Character - An Alternative History of the Novel
  28. The Team Photo

    Writers discuss a team photo from their past and consider when one is captured in a group.

    Image for The Team Photo
  29. Meanings of Mountains

    Series about relationships that different peoples of the world have with their mountains

    Image for Meanings of Mountains
  30. Wild Things

    Poet and writer Ruth Padel explores our reactions to five British wild animals

    Image for Wild Things

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