The Essay Episode guide

  1. Life in Fragments: Stories from the Cairo Genizah

    Series about the Cairo Genizah, a collection of documents from the synagogue in Old Cairo

    Image for Life in Fragments: Stories from the Cairo Genizah
  2. Wagner's Philosophers

    Series exploring the philosophical influences on Wagner

    Image for Wagner's Philosophers
  3. Living Abroad

    Frederic Raphael reads essays about his time living abroad across Europe since the 1940s

    Image for Living Abroad
  4. Unknown Cities

    Series in which five writers recall a favourite city that is off the beaten track

    Image for Unknown Cities
  5. A Taste for the Baroque

    Series in which writers discuss aspects of the Baroque

    Image for A Taste for the Baroque
  6. Explaining the Explicit

    Series in which writers considers the motivations for and challenges in writing about sex

    Image for Explaining the Explicit
  7. Winterwalks

    Writers' observations while walking in a landscape that had been transformed by the cold

    Image for Winterwalks
  8. Listener, They Wore It

    Writers examine how an item of clothing or an accessory figures memorably in a work of art

    Image for Listener, They Wore It
  9. Changing Climates

    Richard Mabey tells the story of a lifetime of weather

    Image for Changing Climates
  10. Five Portraits of Science

    Series considering how five real-life scientists have been portrayed in culture

    Image for Five Portraits of Science
  11. Paris 1913

    Series exploring why 1913 was an annus mirabilis for French and European culture

    Image for Paris 1913
  12. A New Cycle of Mystery Plays

    New Testament stories revisited and set in present-day pre-Christmas London

    Image for A New Cycle of Mystery Plays
  13. The Meaning of Trees

    Fiona Stafford explores the symbolism, importance, topicality and surprises of trees

    Image for The Meaning of Trees
  14. Napoleon and Me

    Series in which five people explore how aspects relating to Napoleon have affected them

    Image for Napoleon and Me
  15. Why Poverty?

    Series focusing on different aspects of the subject of poverty as part of a BBC season

    Image for Why Poverty?
  16. TV Dinners to Roadside Diners

    Leading American writers write about the cultural history of their favourite comfort food.

    Image for TV Dinners to Roadside Diners
  17. Painting Genesis

    Four personal responses to Michelangelo's Genesis paintings in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

    Image for Painting Genesis
  18. Anglo-Saxon Portraits

    Portraits of ground-breaking Anglo-Saxon men and women from the era between 550 and 1066AD

    Image for Anglo-Saxon Portraits
  19. Inspirations of Visual Art

    Talks about artistic insprations delivered by artists based in Scotland

    Image for Inspirations of Visual Art
  20. At the Speed of Thought

    Series of reflections on what has been called 'liquid modernity'

    Image for At the Speed of Thought
  21. The Piano in Five Pieces

    Series of programmes focusing on the piano

    Image for The Piano in Five Pieces
  22. Beyond 'Silent Spring'

    Key figures in the world of environmentalism consider important writing on the subject

    Image for Beyond 'Silent Spring'
  23. A Sporting Lexicon

    Series in which five authors choose a word to suggest sporting endeavour

    Image for A Sporting Lexicon
  24. Strange Justice

    South African lawyer Albie Sachs discusses the work of his country's Constitutional Court.

    Image for Strange Justice
  25. What Is a Nation?

    Michael Goldfarb considers the definition of the 'nation' for the globalised 21st century.

    Image for What Is a Nation?
  26. Shakespeare Around the Globe

    Writers from around the world explain the importance of Shakespeare in their own countries

    Image for Shakespeare Around the Globe
  27. Here's Looking at Me

    Series exploring five paintings hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in London

    Image for Here's Looking at Me
  28. How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear

    Series about Edward Lear's poetry and art, and the influence of 'nonsense' on modern life

    Image for How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear
  29. Shakespeare and Love

    Exploring Shakespeare's relationship to love and how his work affects perceptions of love.

    Image for Shakespeare and Love
  30. Bram Stoker

    Series examining the life and work of Irish novelist Bram Stoker

    Image for Bram Stoker

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