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  1. In Praise of the Midlands

    Five writers explore the distinctive history and culture of the English Midland

    Image for In Praise of the Midlands
  2. The Retreating Roar

    Journalist Madeleine Bunting explores the impact of the decline of Christianity in Britain

    Image for The Retreating Roar
  3. Furniture - A Personal History of Movable Objects

    Novelist and academic Ian Sansom explores the history and symbolism of furniture

    Image for Furniture - A Personal History of Movable Objects
  4. Springwalks

    Series in which writers recall their observations on walks in early spring

    Image for Springwalks
  5. Finish the Bottle

    Art historian Martin Gayford tells stories of encounters he has had with renowned artists.

    Image for Finish the Bottle
  6. Secret Admirers

    Radio 3 classical music presenters celebrate lesser-known composers

    Image for Secret Admirers
  7. Commonwealth Questions

    Writers around the Commonwealth scrutinise the destiny of this unique international body

    Image for Commonwealth Questions
  8. Forgiveness

    Series in which people discuss what forgiveness is, what it is not and how to practise it.

    Image for Forgiveness
  9. Cornerstones

    Writers and artists reflect on the way their bedrock geology, their cornerstones

    Image for Cornerstones
  10. England Ejects

    Andrew Martin on rituals and attitudes that no longer seem so vital in the modern world

    Image for England Ejects
  11. The Book that Changed Me

    Series in which five people discuss the books that inspired them in their chosen careers

    Image for The Book that Changed Me
  12. Letters to a Young Poet

    Five leading poets write personal letters to a young poet

    Image for Letters to a Young Poet
  13. Music on the Brink

    Perspectives on the capital cities of European powers involved in World War One

    Image for Music on the Brink
  14. Let There Be Dark

    Technology journalist Rupert Goodwins reflects on what it means to lose one's sight

    Image for Let There Be Dark
  15. The Islamic Golden Age

    Series rediscovering some of the key thinkers and achievements from the Islamic Golden Age

    Image for The Islamic Golden Age
  16. The Existential Me

    Series in which people discuss the impact of existentialism on their work and lives

    Image for The Existential Me
  17. Autumn 1973

    Author and broadcaster Michael Goldfarb looks back to the dramatic events of autumn 1973

    Image for Autumn 1973
  18. If Walls Could Talk

    Series in which leading writers reflect on the culture of the city of Derry-Londonderry

    Image for If Walls Could Talk
  19. Sound of Cinema: You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet

    Series in which people discuss aspects of film soundtracks

    Image for Sound of Cinema: You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet
  20. Praising Powell and Pressburger

    An exploration of films made by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger

    Image for Praising Powell and Pressburger
  21. Heffer on British Film

    Simon Heffer discusses British taboo-breaking films of the post-war period

    Image for Heffer on British Film
  22. Portraits of Capa

    A selection of people choose their favourite picture by photojournalist Robert Capa

    Image for Portraits of Capa
  23. A Taste of Summer in America

    Series in which five US authors describe the foods they associate with long, hot summers

    Image for A Taste of Summer in America
  24. Life in Fragments: Stories from the Cairo Genizah

    Series about the Cairo Genizah, a collection of documents from the synagogue in Old Cairo

    Image for Life in Fragments: Stories from the Cairo Genizah
  25. Wagner's Philosophers

    Series exploring the philosophical influences on Wagner

    Image for Wagner's Philosophers
  26. Living Abroad

    Frederic Raphael reads essays about his time living abroad across Europe since the 1940s

    Image for Living Abroad
  27. Unknown Cities

    Series in which five writers recall a favourite city that is off the beaten track

    Image for Unknown Cities
  28. A Taste for the Baroque

    Series in which writers discuss aspects of the Baroque

    Image for A Taste for the Baroque
  29. Explaining the Explicit

    Series in which writers considers the motivations for and challenges in writing about sex

    Image for Explaining the Explicit
  30. Winterwalks

    Writers' observations while walking in a landscape that had been transformed by the cold

    Image for Winterwalks

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