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  1. 23/09/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan marks the season of harvest with music from Birmingham Salvation Army.

    First broadcast: 23 Sep 2012

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  2. 16/09/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan looks forward to the United Nations' International Day of Peace.

    First broadcast: 16 Sep 2012

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  3. 09/09/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan celebrates God's creation as proclaimed by the stars and planets.

    First broadcast: 09 Sep 2012

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  4. 02/09/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the opportunities a new academic year affords.

    First broadcast: 02 Sep 2012

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  5. 26/08/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the variety of ways we relax and find refreshment in life.

    First broadcast: 26 Aug 2012

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  6. 19/08/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the history and founders of the Salvation Army.

    First broadcast: 19 Aug 2012

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  7. 12/08/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan reflects on the joy of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

    First broadcast: 12 Aug 2012

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  8. 05/08/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the story of Jesus' transfiguration.

    First broadcast: 05 Aug 2012

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  9. 29/07/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the life of Christian social reformer William Wilberforce.

    First broadcast: 29 Jul 2012

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  10. 22/07/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan looks forward to the beginning of the London Olympics.

    First broadcast: 22 Jul 2012

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  11. 15/07/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the lives of Saint Benedict and John Keble.

    First broadcast: 15 Jul 2012

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  12. 08/07/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan marks Sea Sunday with music including You'll Never Walk Alone.

    First broadcast: 08 Jul 2012

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  13. 01/07/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan celebrates the pipe organ - the King of Instruments!

    First broadcast: 01 Jul 2012

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  14. 24/06/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores saints Peter and Paul and their influence on the early church

    First broadcast: 24 Jun 2012

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  15. 17/06/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores what motivates people to help and care for those in need.

    First broadcast: 17 Jun 2012

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  16. 10/06/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan reflects on the many ways we can hear God's voice in our lives.

    First broadcast: 10 Jun 2012

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  17. 03/06/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan marks Her Majesty the Queen's diamond jubilee.

    First broadcast: 03 Jun 2012

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  18. 27/05/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan marks Pentecost, the birthday of God's Church.

    First broadcast: 27 May 2012

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  19. 20/05/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan celebrates Jesus' ascension into heaven. With the Alumni Choir.

    First broadcast: 20 May 2012

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  20. 13/05/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the responsibility we share to care for those around us.

    First broadcast: 13 May 2012

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  21. 06/05/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan traces the way the Christian story has been taught down the centuries.

    First broadcast: 06 May 2012

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  22. 29/04/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the role of faith when we are in situations of suffering.

    First broadcast: 29 Apr 2012

    Image for 29/04/2012 Not currently available
  23. 22/04/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan marks St George's Day with hymns including And did those feet.

    First broadcast: 22 Apr 2012

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  24. 15/04/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores the reaction of Doubting Thomas to Jesus' resurrection.

    First broadcast: 15 Apr 2012

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  25. Easter Glory

    Diane Louise Jordan presents a feast of Easter music and readings from Lincoln Cathedral.

    First broadcast: 08 Apr 2012

    Image for Easter Glory Not currently available
  26. 01/04/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan marks Palm Sunday with hymns from the Alumni Choir of Portsmouth.

    First broadcast: 01 Apr 2012

    Image for 01/04/2012 Not currently available
  27. 25/03/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan marks Passion Sunday with hymns remembering Jesus' crucifixion.

    First broadcast: 25 Mar 2012

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  28. 18/03/2012

    Hymns, prayers and reflection.

    First broadcast: 18 Mar 2012

    Image for 18/03/2012 Not currently available
  29. 11/03/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan reflects on the idea that Lent isn't just about giving things up.

    First broadcast: 11 Mar 2012

    Image for 11/03/2012 Not currently available
  30. 04/03/2012

    Diane Louise Jordan explores stories of temptation and sacrifice.

    First broadcast: 04 Mar 2012

    Image for 04/03/2012 Not currently available

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