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Choral Evensong

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Weds 7th October (rpt. Sun 11th October)

Norwich Cathedral

Live from Norwich Cathedral, commemorating the centenary of the death of Nurse Edith Cavell, who was executed on 12th October 1915, and is buried at the cathedral. 

Introit: Justorum animae (Stanford) 
Responses: Ashley Grote 
Office Hymn: Lord, thy word abideth (Ravenshaw) 
Psalm: 37 (Goss, Ouseley) 
First Lesson: Hosea 14 
Canticles: Great Service in D (Parry) 
Second Lesson: 1 Timothy 1 vv12-17 
Anthem: Greater love (Ireland) 
Final Hymn: Abide with me (Eventide) 
Organ Voluntary: Sonata in E flat - first movement (Bairstow) 

Master of Music: Ashley Grote 
Organist: David Dunnett 


Weds 14th October (rpt. Sun 18th October)

Merton College, Oxford

Introit: Diliges Dominum (Byrd) 
Responses: Smith 
Office Hymn: O God most holy, God most high (Song 34 - Gibbons) 
Psalms 73,74 (Crotch, Ouseley, Smart, Noble) 
First Lesson: Isaiah 51 vv 1-6 
Canticles: Watson in E 
Second Lesson: 2 Corinthians 1 vv 1-11 
Anthem: Lord, thou hast been our refuge (Bairstow)
Final Hymn: Sing praise to God who reigns above (Palace Green) 
Organ Voluntary: Postlude in D minor (Stanford) 

Director of Music: Benjamin Nicholas
Organ Scholar: Peter Shepherd



Weds 21st October (rpt. Sun 25th October)

Rochester Cathedral

Introit: It was in that train (Barry Ferguson) 
Responses: Leighton 
Office Hymn: Father, hear the prayer we offer (Cypress Court) 
Psalm: 106 (Atkins, Wesley, Parry) 
First Lesson: 2 Kings 23 vv 4-25 
Canticles: Arthur Wills on plainsong tones
Second Lesson: 1 Timothy 3 
Anthem: See, see the word is incarnate (Gibbons) 
Organ Voluntary: Master Tallis's Testament (Howells) 

Director of Music: Scott Farrell
Assistant Director of Music and Sub Organist: Claire Innes-Hopkins
Assistant Sub Organist: Benjamin Bloor


Weds 28th October (rpt. Sun 1st November)

Archive episode - St Paul's Cathedral. First broadcast 28th January 2004 (John Scott's final broadcast at St Paul's).

Introit:  O salutaris hostia (Tallis)
Responses:  Michael Walsh
Psalm:  93 (MacFarren)
First Reading:  1 Kings 18 vv 20-39
Canticles:  St Paul's Service (Howells)
Second Reading:  Romans 8 vv 28-39
Anthem:  Lord, let me know mine end (Parry)
Final Hymn:    The spacious firmament on high (Carelle)
Organ Voluntary:  Paean (Howells)

Director of Music:  John Scott
Sub-Organist:  Huw Williams


Weds 4th November (rpt. Sun 8th November)

Southwell Minster

Live from Southwell Minster

Introit: Give us the wings of faith (Bullock)
Responses: Shephard
Office Hymn: For all thy saints, O Lord (Mount Ephraim)
Psalms 22, 23 (Wesley, Smart, Walford Davies)
First Lesson: Daniel 2 vv 25-49
Canticles: Blair in B minor
Second Lesson: Revelation 2 vv 12-29
Anthem: What are these that glow from afar? (Gray)
Organ Voluntary: Flourish for an Occasion (Harris)

Paul Hale (Rector Chori)
Simon Hogan (Assistant Director of Music)



Weds 11th November (rpt. Sun 15th November)

Winchester Cathedral

Live from Winchester Cathedral

Introit: For the Fallen (Guest)
Responses: Clucas
Psalms 59, 60, 61 (Barnby, Wesley, Tomkins)
First Lesson: Micah 4 vv 1-7
Canticles: Howells in G
Second Lesson: 1 Thessalonians 4 vv 13-18
Anthem: Lord, thou hast been our refuge (Vaughan Williams)
Hymn: Eternal God, before whose throne we stand (Unde et memores)
Organ Voluntary: Fugue in E flat BWV 552 (Bach)

Director of Music: Andrew Lumsden 
Assistant Director of Music: George Castle



Weds 18th November (rpt. Sun 22nd November)

New College, Oxford

Live from the Chapel of New College, Oxford

Introit: A Hymn of St Columba (Britten)
Responses: Rose
Office Hymn: King of glory, King of peace (Gwalchmai)
Psalms 93, 94 (MacFarren, Wesley)
First Lesson: Daniel 9 vv1-19
Canticles: St John's College Service (Howells)
Second Lesson: Revelation 11 vv15-19
Anthem: At the round earth’s imagined corners (Parry)
Final Hymn: Rejoice, the Lord is King (Gopsal)
Organ Voluntary: Fantasia in D minor, Op. 135b (Reger)

Organist: Robert Quinney
Assistant Organist: Timothy Wakerell



Weds 25th November (no repeat)

Chichester Cathedral

Details to follow.


Sun 29th November (Advent Sunday) (no repeat)

St John's, Cambridge

Details to follow.


Weds 2nd December (rpt. Sun 6th December)

Peterborough Cathedral

Details to follow.


Weds 9th December (rpt. Sun 13th December)

Gloucester Cathedral

Details to follow.


Weds 16th December (rpt. Sun 20th December)

Chester Cathedral

Details to follow.


Weds 23rd December (rpt. Sun 27th December)

Archive episode - St Thomas Church, Fifth Avenue, New York City. First broadcast 30th December 2007. 

Introit: Unto us is born a Son (John Tavener)
Responses: Holmes
Psalm: 8 (Corfe)
First Reading: Zechariah 2 vv10-13
Carol: All my heart this night rejoices (Ebeling)
Canticles: Latin Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Tallis)
Second Reading: Matthew 1 vv18-25
Homily: The Revd Andrew Mead
Anthem: Verbum caro factum est (Sheppard)
Hymn: See amid the winter’s snow (Goss)
Organ Voluntary: Toccata – Prelude on Vom Himmel hoch (Garth Edmundson) - played by John Scott.

Organist and Director of Music: John Scott
Associate Organist: Jeremy S Bruns 


Weds 30th December (rpt. Sun 3rd January)

Rodolfus Choir at St Gabriel's, Pimlico

Details to follow.


Weds 6th January 2016 (rpt. Sun 10th January)

Clare College, Cambridge

Epiphany Carol Service - details to follow.

Weds 13th January (rpt. Sun 17th January)

York Minster

Details to follow.

Weds 20th January (rpt. Sun 24th January)

London Oratory

Details to follow.

Weds 27th January (rpt. Sun 31st January)

Blackburn Cathedral

Details to follow.

Weds 3rd February (rpt. Sun 7th February)

Truro Cathedral

Details to follow.

Ash Wednesday 10th February (rpt. Sun 14th February)

Temple Church, London

Details to follow.

Weds 17th February (rpt. Sun 21st February)

St Bartholomew the Great, London

Sung by Royal Holloway Choir, University of London

Details to follow.

Weds 24th February (rpt. Sun 28th February)

King's College, Cambridge

Details to follow.

Weds 2nd March (rpt. Sun 6th March)

Magdalene College, Oxford

Details to follow.

Weds 9th March (rpt. Sun 13th March)

Salisbury Cathedral

Details to follow.

Weds 16th March (rpt. Sun 20th March)

Wells Cathedral

Details to follow.

Weds 23rd March (no repeat)

Chelmsford Cathedral

Details to follow.

Easter Sunday 27th March (no repeat)

Worcester Cathedral

Details to follow.