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Through the Night Episode guide

  1. 13/07/2014

    With Jonathan Swain. Includes Berlioz, Mendelssohn, Bach and Beethoven from the 2013 Proms

    First broadcast: 13 Jul 2014

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  2. 12/07/2014

    Including Delphine Galou (contralto) and Les Ambassadeurs in music by Handel and Zelenka.

    First broadcast: 12 Jul 2014

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  3. 11/07/2014

    With Catriona Young. Including pianist Alexander Romanovsky in Rameau, Brahms and Chopin.

    First broadcast: 11 Jul 2014

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  4. 10/07/2014

    Including from the 2013 Proms: London Philharmonic in Strauss's Also sprach Zarathustra.

    First broadcast: 10 Jul 2014

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  5. 09/07/2014

    Catriona Young's selection includes the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester at the 2013 Proms.

    First broadcast: 09 Jul 2014

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  6. 08/07/2014

    With Catriona Young. Including music from Romina Lischka and Vincent Lauzer.

    First broadcast: 08 Jul 2014

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  7. 07/07/2014

    Catriona Young's selection includes Spring Summer Cantata by Maciej Malecki.

    First broadcast: 07 Jul 2014

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  8. 06/07/2014

    With Catriona Young. Including the Radio France Philharmonic in Bartok and Sibelius.

    First broadcast: 06 Jul 2014

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  9. 05/07/2014

    Includes th New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Olivier Latry in Poulenc's Organ Concerto.

    First broadcast: 05 Jul 2014

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  10. 04/07/2014

    Catriona Young's selection includes music by Strauss, Lehar, Puccini and Tchaikovsky.

    First broadcast: 04 Jul 2014

    Image for 04/07/2014 Not currently available
  11. 03/07/2014

    Catriona Young's selection includes the Danish String Quartet in Haydn and Janacek.

    First broadcast: 03 Jul 2014

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  12. 02/07/2014

    Catriona Young's selection includes a concert of music by Weill, with Anne Sofie von Otter

    First broadcast: 02 Jul 2014

    Image for 02/07/2014 Not currently available
  13. 01/07/2014

    With Catriona Young. From Proms 2013: BBC Philharmonic in Walton, Rubbra, Bruch, Korngold.

    First broadcast: 01 Jul 2014

    Image for 01/07/2014 Not currently available
  14. 30/06/2014

    Catriona Young presents 'Russian Night' from the 2013 RheinVokal Festival.

    First broadcast: 30 Jun 2014

    Image for 30/06/2014 Not currently available
  15. 29/06/2014

    Including archive performances of Janacek and Dvorak, featuring conductor Rafael Kubelik.

    First broadcast: 29 Jun 2014

    Image for 29/06/2014 Not currently available
  16. 28/06/2014

    John Shea's selection includes music by Part, featuring the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

    First broadcast: 28 Jun 2014

    Image for 28/06/2014 Not currently available
  17. 27/06/2014

    John Shea's selection includes Arvo Part's Lamentate and Shostakovich's Symphony No 11.

    First broadcast: 27 Jun 2014

    Image for 27/06/2014 Not currently available
  18. 26/06/2014

    John Shea presents the Bulgarian National RSO in Faure, Doppler, Sibelius and Debussy.

    First broadcast: 26 Jun 2014

    Image for 26/06/2014 Not currently available
  19. 25/06/2014

    John Shea presents music from Slovenia, to mark Slovenian National Day.

    First broadcast: 25 Jun 2014

    Image for 25/06/2014 Not currently available
  20. 24/06/2014

    John Shea presents the Romanian Radio National Symphony Orchestra in Lalo and Enescu.

    First broadcast: 24 Jun 2014

    Image for 24/06/2014 Not currently available
  21. 23/06/2014

    John Shea presents the Triumphs of Oriana: English madrigals written for Queen Elizabeth I

    First broadcast: 23 Jun 2014

    Image for 23/06/2014 Not currently available
  22. 22/06/2014

    Includes the Radio France Philharmonic and soloist Natalia Gutman in music by Shostakovich

    First broadcast: 22 Jun 2014

    Image for 22/06/2014 Not currently available
  23. 21/06/2014

    John Shea's selection includes Ars Nova Copenhagen under Paul Hillier playing choral works

    First broadcast: 21 Jun 2014

    Image for 21/06/2014 Not currently available
  24. 20/06/2014

    John Shea presents a concert given by the Orchestra of the 18th Century.

    First broadcast: 20 Jun 2014

    Image for 20/06/2014 Not currently available
  25. 19/06/2014

    John Shea's selection includes the Guarneri Trio, Prague in Mozart, Smetana and Beethoven.

    First broadcast: 19 Jun 2014

    Image for 19/06/2014 Not currently available
  26. 18/06/2014

    John Shea presents a selection of Chopin songs with soprano Hana Blazikova.

    First broadcast: 18 Jun 2014

    Image for 18/06/2014 Not currently available
  27. 17/06/2014

    Archive performances by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra: Hindemith and Shostakovich.

    First broadcast: 17 Jun 2014

    Image for 17/06/2014 Not currently available
  28. 16/06/2014

    John Shea presents a concert of musical Vespers for Dresden Cathedral.

    First broadcast: 16 Jun 2014

    Image for 16/06/2014 Not currently available
  29. 15/06/2014

    From Proms 2013: Oslo Philharmonic under Vasily Petrenko with violinist Baiba Skride.

    First broadcast: 15 Jun 2014

    Image for 15/06/2014 Not currently available
  30. 14/06/2014

    Jonathan Swain presents Bach performed by Les Ambassadeurs directed by Alexis Kossenko.

    First broadcast: 14 Jun 2014

    Image for 14/06/2014 Not currently available

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